So my girls look ok for day 20 ?

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  1. Why are they so small it don't even look like there growing anymore ?!

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  3. Next time add more perlite. Your light is either not powerful enough or too far away. Buy a led or hps/mh light. Autos are tough in the sense they don't forgive any mistakes that stunt em, you can't just veg them longer. Do the above and keep ur temps between 70-80 and she should live and give you some good experience growing
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  4. Thanks! Im using a 600wt hps light I just moved it down closer will they still grow ? And produce ? What am I looking at for yield ?
  5. No. They will produce but little to nothing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the same happened to mine
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  6. You would need a bigger pot anyways next time as you will be unable to transplant. Start in 3+ gallon pots
  7. I agree that you won't yield very much if that's the size at 3 weeks. If it was a photo you could let it grow and recover before you put it into flower. That's the problem with autos.
  8. The truth ain't always pretty! Thanks for the input I will be in Denver on the 4th does anyone know of a good seed company and strain I think I'll start over with given advice with CFL or LED
  9. Go on attitude seedbank. Every seed I have gotten has germed and they offer many breeders. Good stealth. I would go with a photo next time for sure. Maybe something tried and true. Say OG Kush or White Widow. They seem to have a nice success rate. But I am still new and learning.
  10. What he said. I ordered from attitude last Thursday and they shipped out on Friday and just got confirmation they just left Ireland. I'm a big fan of grizzly purple auto by blimburn and going to try mephisto out as I hear great things about them. Here's a pic of my current grizzly purple auto from a couple days ago. She takes about 80-85 days once she sprouts but nice dense and resinous buds that loves lst.

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  11. What kind of light and nutes do you use?
  12. I run one Mars 600w led and x2 viparspectra 450w. I grow the plant in roots organic soil with added perlite and dolomite lime. I don't have to give it any nutrients during veg with that soil. When flower starts I use the fox farm big bloom and tiger bloom along with bloom boosters as well.
  13. Hey man. Stick to photoperiod plants though. You will have time to fix your mistakes or at least get a mix of the two. So if your auto fails you can still work with the photo plant. Just wait to get some more experience before going full auto
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  14. Thanks for all the help everyone! I'll post when harvest time comes

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