So my girlfriend cheated on me wtf :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Vexus, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Read past history on facebook and her friend was basically saying I would go nuts if I knew she cheated on me and crap like that and I'm in shock right now.

    I broke up with her and she just keeps denying it. Hell at least I got a new girl waiting for me.

    Any advice would be nice, I'm shaking right now and a little upset I don't know whats going on.

  2. LoL @ breaking up on Facebook.

    I lollerskated so far.
  3. close the facebook account
  4. Here:

  5. Man, I didn't break up on facebook. I called her. I was always suspicious cuz she had an ex hook up leaving her voice mails and shit so this just was the most evidence to support it.
  6. Kill them both. :)

    Im kidding...

    ....but really, kill them.
  7. My bad then, man. I thought you just did it according to what Facebook said. That's why I lollerskated off into the distant yonder.


    At least you have someone waiting.
  8. Fuck all social networking sites.

    I found out my girl cheated through myspace I actually hired somebody to hack her account thats how convinced i was, im not crazy i just knew it was happening yet i still fell into her baby blue eyes every time she told me she wasnt.

    forget her its hard but it happens and you can bounce back buddy find somebody else to get her off your mind theres so many better girls out there.

    The worst part isnt even the cheating, its the lying about it that really gets me.
  9. You really hired someone to hack your girlfriend's myspace account? Kinda stalkerish/rapish/obsessed dude.
  10. Why am I shaking.. seriously it needs to stop. :(
  11. Now's when you smoke ridiculous amounts of weed and feel better. :smoking:
  12. I guess, i needed to know, and it paid off.

    I'd still be being lied to right now if I hadn't, and I'm not ashamed. I know all too well the shaking feeling the OP is experiencing, as does anybody who finds out the truth of a cheating lover.
  13. Even weed won't really help right now cuz he'll just keep thinking and focusing on the issue, if anything it will make it worse it takes time and a good night's sleep, then a nice wake and bake while he considers his options.

    it's not something you can smoke away, sadly enough.
  14. I've had a breakup with similar feelings, best thing to do is work out, swim, whatever makes you tired. Fuel your muscles with the anger/pain during the workout. For one, you get a good workout, second, the more anger/pain you get out, the less you have to deal with later.
  15. You're still on GC, you're not taking my advice.
  16. Dude i was in the same situation last month, i found out through one of my ex-girlfriends friends that she had gone skinny dipping in front of all her friends plus more people and lied to me about it, it pissed me off, I knew there was more, I searched and found she cheated on me with 2 of her friends, there's prolly more to it, but thats all i needed to know is that she cheated and lied. It sucks bro, talk to the new girl and chill out. If you need to talk more, PM me.
  17. Next time you need someone to hack something, hit me up lol
    I do that shit for free. :)
  18. forget her dude;that shits no good.

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