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so my friends and i were wondering....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Soopajew420, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. So a couple friends and i got fairly medicated earlier and we had a big discussion about oils. We were wondering if some one could make BHO using dried tobacco? Like could someone rip you off this way?
    don't get bad ideas...people get payback these days...
  3. shiiieeet, dont think id want to dab nic oil honestly, i hit one of them ecigs with 32mg nicotene orr something like that wow tallk about potent.
  4. FYI.... one drop off pure nicotine will stop your heart. No shit!
  5. That sounds gross lol
  6. Im pretty sure the oil is made out of trichomes mostly... and there isnt any trichomes in or on tobacco so... no
  7. If you could make Oil from Tobacco, im SURE you would notice if someone tried to rip you off that way...
  8. Yeah. It was mostly just us fucking around watching the Union
  9. Lol I couldn't even stand the 26

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  10. This. Ecigs are made using extracted nicotine but if the dosage is wrong you could screw someone up, or kill them.
  11. I think all angiosperms have trichomes, well, that is if tobacco is a flowering plant. Depends on the plant, it may be extremely minimal or located on different parts of the modified stems or modified leaves.
    Hm. Interesting. The tobacco plant does indeed flower, but I dunno, try making some hash-bacco and lemme know how it works out  :laughing:
  13. Oil doesnt just consist of knocked off tricomes. Thc chemicly bonds with the solvents, because one is negatively charged and one is positively charged. This is how it only bonds with the thc and not the plant material (dissolved plant material in iso is primarily due to the water content). The same basic process applies to the nicotine when being chemicly extracted from the tobacco plant.
  14. Granny has spoken.
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    That would be gross and like granny said someone could/would die. 
    unrelated i just quit ciggs or rather decided today i didn't want to smoke them anymore(again)
  16. his question was can you make it and if so has anyone come across it...i came across some shit that i thought was tobacco oil it looks pitch black like herr-ron..nasty shit threw it all away i personally would shoot the person..but hey it's not politically correct.
  17. baccy dabs alllldaay son!

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  18. The stupidity of humans will never cease to amaze me. Stop giving cannabis users a bad name. Stop smoking and go to school and listen to ur teachers. Especially ur science teachers lol. Wow.

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