so my friend went to jack in the box and

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  1. "Lmfao so I went to jack in the box the first thing guy said was,"just to let u know we are out of buns out of chicken sandwiches tacos med and small lids no burger patties no forks no lettuce no shakes. Etc...I was dam bro then why y'all open!"
  2. Lmao did you order something ?
  3. No more medium lids!? Those fuckers!
  4. I work at the food place myself. sounds like somebody in management failed to make a proper truck order. it sometimes happens. it sucks when it does though
  5. once me and a friend were sittin in drivethrough, only it was KFC real late at night.. and they were out of shit too. looked us straight in the face and said, "WERE OUT OF CHICKEN" There is no chicken! and we were like, so blown lol so we just sat there, kind of looking at each other a little, dazed and confused, like, There is no chicken????? I dont understand. we just didnt get it, and we wouldnt move lol. the guys at drivethrough felt bad, and gave us ice cream so we would leave, happy.
  6. No chicken at KFC... that's horrible
  7. it was so unbelievable it almost seemed like a prank :rolleyes:
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    That's fuc*in ridiculous haha
  9. maybe he was just too high & didn't feel like making anything lol
  10. He gets paid whether he is serving food or not!

    And would you close up early, get the boss pissed at you, and cut your paycheck back a few hours worth? Blame who ever was in charge of ordering the supplies for the KFC!

  11. [ame=]Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken in Rochester, NY - YouTube[/ame]
  12. "i'm more disappointed than angry"


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