So my friend is....

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  1. Growing three plants in his backyard, he's all telling me about this over the phone so im like lets talk and I go down there. I tell him to chill with telling people and hes like im only telling you my other boy and the people that live there (his girl and parents, hes 19). Anyways the plants are skinny, weak, leaves are yellowing and some have holes, the dirt was dry back yard stuff. I gave him some advice and he shot it all down except for getting a bigger pot to help the roots.

    He wants to sell some so I mention cloning, of course he doesn't think a 'stem can grow a plant'. He wants to grow 15 in a small ass closet in the attic, I say maybe 3 or 4 and he doesn't listen, No ventilation? No problem, and 'two big ass cfls' for lighting, good luck.

    I guess if he grows ounces of dank I will eat crow, but if he calls saying his plant died I will shoot advice (Its basically me and my 8 years of research vs his massive amount of land and 0 research). This is making me more anxious on setting up my grow room, I am thinking of going hard and growing a ki. :cool: Wonder how much light that would take, just venting and smoking joints thinking.
  2. He's a dumbass. He'll learn.
  3. just sit back relax and wait for him to come beggin you for that advise when you grow that crop and his plants died 4 weeks into his grow. also for your grow, since you can expect to get around .5 to.7g per watt if your pretty lucky, you should figure around 2800-4000 watts. anything in that range should get you close.:smoke:
  4. sounds like my one friend that told me seeds could only be germinated from 4/20 to 4/24.... i bet him an eighth that he was wrong and successfully germed 4 seeds 5/17. that was a fat blunt hahahaha
  5. When his plant dies, show him the GC Grow forum and tell him "READ!"
  6. Growing weed? Psssh, imma do everything half assed, I mean its a weed right?


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