So my friend got drunk...

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  1. He's 17, got drunk at his house, and went to our schools valentines day dance.

    A few friends of mine gave him a ride to said party cause we didn't want him to get hurt.

    He was fucked up, wasted, staggering, but the teachers didn't suspect anything.

    He was chillin on a chair, and started looking really sick. He threw up a shitload and it smelled strongly of alcohol.

    After he threw up he ran out of the gym and sat in the parking lot. The principal came up to my group of friends and asked us whether we had been drinking. We hadn't, but since we came in with him, they figured, you know...

    So he called the cops, and we couldn't be around the cops interrogation cause we couldn't leave the gym till they got everything under control, so I'm not sure what was said.

    Anyway, what could his charges be? M.I.C.?
    Could he be suspended/expelled for being intoxicated at a school function?

    What could the driver of the trucks charges be? Contributing to the delinquency of a minor? (Driver was 18)
  2. Driver shouldnt get charged with anything. in fact your friend shouldnt get charged with anything either if the cops are leinient. I'd say his worst punishment should be a week suspension at most.

    Keep us posted.
  3. Yeah, the cops aren't lenient in this town, they're strict as hell. Also, he's been caught drinking and let off with a warning and the whole "You're free to go, but next time you're fucked" shenanigans.

    But shit, I'm worried bout the guy... He's a decent kid and possibly just fucked up his life.
  4. Yea he'll be fine. I did the same thing, just got suspended.
  5. Public intoxication, and underage drinking if anything.
  6. Yeah, everyone else should be good though. If anything they would have ticketed or detained you then and there.

    Unless he ratted out who supplied the alcohol for him.
  7. He got the booze from his dad's fridge, so yeah, no problem there. But anyway, I'm gonna head to sleep, been dancing all night and really fucking tired.

    Leave more info for me :p I'll be back tomorrow.
  8. I miss high school.

  9. 2nd that. sucks how got senioritis ditched a lot cuz i wanted out of hs. now i wish i was back. oh well.

    oh and what happened at the dance after? just awkwardnesssS?
  10. Amen to that, no worries....
  11. nothing really, me and the other friends of his just got really depressed then danced it off. Had fun, besides the whole feeling bad for the guy thing :/
  12. that reminded me of:

    You never hear a guy say to one of his buddies, "Hey listen, Mike, Michael. Tonight, dude? I gotta dance. What, chicks? No, no. f**k chicks, dude. I wanna dance. I just want to express myself through the art of dance, Mike. I don't wanna see a chick..." - dane cook
  13. loool...

    yeaaa i dance it offf
  14. We're fucking trashed as fuck right now.

    Our one friend is passed out on my couch, my other friend (Wet Horse Lips) has coaxed him into puking into garbage cans for over the past hour. My couch needs a number of swipes prolly to rid it of Tequila Turnovers.

    I know how it goes.
    But stay drunk inside!!
  15. Hell yeah, dane cook is badass :p
  16. lol for some reason, thats fucking hilarious
  17. Lol, im pretty sure (especially since its his 2nd time) that he will get an MIC.

    And i know plenty of schools that would expelle or emergency expelle them without second thought. Ive even heard cases of getting expelled from the whole district for drug related things.

    Ive had two MICs and one MIP and they never just let me go for it.

    Unless im at home, ive had COUNTLESS times where were partying like hell in my old one bedroom apartment and the cops come and ask how much ive been drinking ect, and i just say none, and they really cant do anything, they just tell us to keep it down and stay there. Thats usually when this certain officer comes, that we love, hes awesome, he doesnt care, hes come twice and just let me off.

    Lol, one time me and my bud were walking down the street tokin a bowl and he came creeping up from behind oh his bike in all black, i just held the pipe in my hand and covered it. And he came up, and just talked to us and shit, and told us storys about heroin addicts in seattle, and asked us if we ever tryed salvia, cause he was curious about what it was like.

    Lol hes the shit, but yeah there was this one time a cop came and i just hid in my bathroom and didnt answer it, cause it was a prick one and he was banging hella hard on the door so it scared me :p.

    Lol, sorry about the rambling i just smoked some bowls and this subject just made me tell a story:smoke:

    Sorry lol.
  18. Your friend is fine. I got suspended one time for being drunk at school (stupid decision....HS), anyways the police were called and they breathalyzed me. I blew a .13. Not only that, but they searched my bag and found weed in there (at the time of the search, I had NO idea that the weed was in my bag, because my friend had put it in there without telling me earlier in the day). It was only half a gram, but I was arrested for it and taken back to the station from school (it really is humiliating walking off school grounds in handcuffs). Funny thing is though, I was only charged for possession of my friend's weed. I got a slap on the wrist for it, ONE drug awareness class, and 25 hours of CS.
  19. haha do you have a youtube link to that? :D
  20. found this just for you :), although i couldnt find one that had that single skit this one just has random ass ppl dancing after he finishes, but still good:smoke: : [ame=""]YouTube - Sometimes Guys Just Want To Dance...[/ame]

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