So my friend got arrested and charged with robbery, burglary, and domestic violence

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  1. So my lil homie that I've known for 10 years, got charged with burglary, robbery and domestic violence. They some how found out about him pocket checking people and robbing them too.

    This guy wasn't to smart, and hits about 10-15 houses all in the same area! He had it coming...

    So they took him to the local penitentary and got him processed in, but they didn't give him a court date yet. He doesn't know how many counts of each charge he got yet.

    My question is, what do you think could happen to him? he's 17, so will they try him as an adult? Oh yeah, he got a felony for buying thizz from an undercover.. lol.

    BTW, my moms a lawyer but only does misdemeanor charges, you think she can do anything in court? WTF, I probably should just ask her haha.

    Feel free to ask any questions about the situation, I will fill you in on whatever I left out.
  2. In my expert opinion, he sounds like a dumbass. :rolleyes:

    He is probably gonna get some time, just hope he gets tried as a juvenile. I think he deserves it though.
  3. he will be charged as an adult most likely
  4. Damn.
  5. My bad guys, it's an assault charge not domestic violence.

  6. His ass still gon' to jail.
  7. Guys, so no matter how good of an attorny I can get him, it's still a 100 percent chance that he's going to be facing some time?
  8. From the sounds of it ya he's most definately look at time maybe even alot. You said 10-15 burglaries? that's pretty deep shit.
  9. So by you saying that you're trying to get him the best of the best, I'm drawing the conclusion that you're trying to make the process a lot easier?:confused: Some people don't learn until they're knee-deep in shit. Just because you're in a situation where you can help him out does not mean you should. Unless you're not telling us the whole situation...let him fend for himself, you're not going to be there holding his hand his entire life.
  10. Yeah I know, an that's underestimating...
  11. Yeah true... It does seem as whenever he's in some deep shit, he turns to me but idk man.

    Maybe this is the last time. He never learns his lesson. Oh yeah, feel free to ask any question about the situation. Remember? :)
  12. he'll probably do 1-3 months in real jail since hes 17 and if this is his first felony
  13. No he has a felony for buying the thizz from an undercover cop.
  14. 17 and robbed 15 houses? Yeah he deserves it....all it's probably from his hometown too so that's even more fucked up.
  15. Dam he's pretty much screwed... I say see what happens and wish him the best of luck in life.
  16. Johnny Cochran.
  17. TIP: find out how much the pigs actually no, other wise he might end up admitting himself for things they had no idea he did e.g they might have him on like 2 counts of robbery or something for all you no, and with there sneaky ways of pretending they no he's done more and talk about it so he admits thinking they already no, when infact he's just given himself away.

    im kinda spaced right nowo but just make sure he dosnt talk to them until he finds out what he's ben charged with first cos they probs wont have got him on every robbery
  18. IMO if he commits adult crimes he deserves to be treated as an adult. OP dont waste your time with this kid. He's dug himself too deep.

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