So my friend and I found a grow op...

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  1. ...And we're wondering how we could take advantage of that. It's down the street from my house, en route to my friend's and I pass it every day, so there might be a chance the owners recognize me. Today I finally decided to satisfy my curiously about the smell coming from the backyard, so my friend boosted me up and what I saw was 1-2 6 foot plants and several smaller ones near the back. It looked very laid back, I assume it's just a casual thing, to make some extra cash and free grass for the growers.

    My question is, should we go and talk to the people, try to get in on a nice deal, or just leave it alone?

    P.S- Remember that harvest is just around the corner here in Northern California!
  2. get em to sell u some, smoke em out.
  3. Leave it alone.
  4. i wouldnt really say anything. if someone walked up to me and said something about my grow, id be pretty sketched out.
  5. LEave it alone. If someone told me they knew about my grow, I would cut it all down
  6. if they look cool talk. i went to a grower i didnt kno n his family n mine became real koo we play pool there now n party together
  7. We were thinking of making an excuse to meet them (Going door to door handing out fliers, etc.) and get a sense of them, then kind of subtly hint at it if they seem alright.
  8. oh, i went there n was like "we're smellin some dank comin from this yard n my dad said he wants to try it out, can we get an eighth" he says "shit jus call him over to try it out n we got brew too" so i went n told my dad n we went to tha store n bought a case of beer n went there. at the time i was only 14 so im like hell yea were gonna get fucked up, pluss i had a thizzle n my pocket:D
  9. Well we just got the fucking best idea.
    We're going to go to their house and say we're going to go door to door trying to dispell the rumors surrounding marijuana and promoting legalization. We'll give them a flier (That we'll design, woo 1 year of computer art class) and go from there.
    Maybe we'll wink or something too, just to give that extra hint,
  10. good idea. just a lil more of a hint bring a swish or a pipe or somethin g n say we'll blaze out whoever agrees with us n say if wanna match u can:hello:
  11. Ever think he may have a MMJ permit to be growing those plants?
  12. if somebody walked up to me and asked about the weed plants in my backyard, id abandone the grow, dig the plants up, move them inside or juts destroy them completely. having somebody do that really sketches somebody out when there so deep into the grow. they get scared that people might get called, that windows might be broken and shovels might be taken up....
  13. nope he didnt. but forreal tha guy i was just talkin bout knocked on tha door rite now n wants to chill so im out for now....late:wave:
  14. There are to many, it exceeds the limit.

    So our decision is to just do what we described earlier, and if they don't say anything about selling to us then we'll just leave it at that. We don't want to sketch out anyone on our side!
  15. Dude, leave it alone. God damn!
  16. We're not being incredibly up front, and we're leaving it up to them whether or not to mention it.
    We just don't want to not take advantage of a potentially great hookup!
  17. Act like you never fuckin' saw it.

    If you go up to them asking about bud they'll get all paranoid, and rip the plants out. Then nobody will have any weed.
  18. I guess... We'll probably leave it alone, it seems to be the general consensus.

    Still, it seems like such a golden opportunity.
  19. Wow dude, leave it alone, please.

    You'll sketch these folks out growing it, leave it alone and act like you never saw or smelled a thing..
  20. you said there were 1 or 2 mature plants and a few immature plants? not over the limit, plus its possible to get an exemption to grow more, especially if theres more than one person with a mmj card in the household. just stating possibilities. I personally would forget that I ever saw them. growers are paranoid as shit as it is, constantly looking over their shoulders, I know if someone came up to me out of the blue about marijuana activisim with some flyers to my door id probably burn all my shit and break down my grow room for a month or two. just my .02

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