So my first criminal court hearing.

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  1. Well i got busted 420, my friends had bongs and bud with them in their backpacks, i only had bud with no backpack.

    W/e we all have to go to booking, 3 out of 4 of us have already gone to court.
    one of my friends got completely dismissed, the other friends court date was change to a later date.

    AND my judge told me to come back with a lawyer before i even said anything and i did what a lawyer told me to do and asked if i could have a public defendant since i cant afford a lawyer for this bullshit. The judge got an angry tone and said "well i told you..."

    Why wont the goverment just leave me just trying to finish school.

  2. government doesn't work the way its designed to if they're not fucking someones shit up.
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  3. shit dude i hope you never need a loan for school...
  4. Do you mind giving any details of how/why you got busted?
  5. Aww the article made it sound like someone OD'd on weed. More bad publicaton :(
  6. Are you referring to this part of the article?

    Dixie, a drug-sniffing dog, was smelling picnic sites, including one set up by a group of young men who openly displayed two bongs.
    "Being out here with a bong is idiotic," said Tate Hightower, 25. "It's not about coming out here and getting blazed. It's about peace, man, it's about Earth Day, that's why everybody gathers. When people do stupid stuff like this it ruins it for everybody."

  7. yea, except the group i was with didnt have the bongs out openly, they were in backpacks with no water...

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