So my family acts as if college is the only way to go with your life.. ugh

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  1. and that's alright except I'm failing aother class. and I am one to make excuses but this teacher genuinely cannot teach.

    I just made a fifty on a half assed popquiz. I woulda made at least a sixty if not fifteen minutes earlier she had not given me the wrong answers....trivial as it may be.

    saying that legal aids instead of legal services,a nd it was true or false so saying legal services instead of legal aids...seems like a reasonable false to me. marked it false, got it wrong.

    That black lady has to go :devious:
    I'll give her one helluva evaluation.
  2. Trust me man.. You wanna go to college, best days of my life.:smoke: Guess its not for everyone though..
  3. The bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma.
  4. QFT man...qft....

    Thing is I'm probably the most REASONABLE person on earth. Which I think is a characteristic that will help me in whatever I do, but as long as I don't go to some institution to read stories or do complicated math formulations, then I won't get anywhere in life. Not that working at taco bell forever is the worst thing that can happen to me but I want to advance at least a little bit, and get a job that will earn me respect from the other dumb apes. lol
  5. In this fucked up day in age, you can't get too many good paying jobs without a college degree, it's a fucked up statement, but IT IS surely a fact.

  6. You have any hobbies? I go to an art institute where I record/produce music in class all day so I actually enjoy it. Go for something you like man, thats it. Yes, I have math once a week, but its to actually help with time signatures and recording in general.

  7. If you ever want to buy a house and work in a restaurant, it's gonna need to be a restaurant that you own.
  8. kind of with you man, in college and hate it. Not sure why everyone thinks its so great, im over the who drinking party thing. After highschool and summer with my exploration into worlds unknown on every psychedelic and synthetic drug you can think of. Failing classes just cause I sleep in, works isnt hard just never there to turn it in. Have depression and social anxiety from withdrawls from couple drugs so it makes it even harder. With that said I love my classes when I do pull the courage and energy to show up. Know how much better its going make my life 10 years from now. Its a Love Hate thing for me.
  9. Society is pointless. Go live in the wilderness and try to survive. It can't be the wrong way to live if every other specie is doing that.
  10. If you want to make some good money then I would suggest going to college. I only have a GED and it looks like I'm screwed ATM.
  11. I have to say dude, college is such a pile of bull unless you are there to learn something practical like medicine.

    But at the end of the day, that small piece of paper, that little degree, means a LOT and is your easiest option to maintain at least an OK life through a paid job.

    As for me though im just going to get through college and do my own thing on the side, my plan is to pass college to make my parents happy then show them through my own success that i really didnt fucking need it.

    That my friend, is when you can laugh all the way to the bank and say "HAH! I told you so"
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    I'm never going to college. just a trade school. I would rather not spend 50K just to get a piece of paper that says im smarter then the guy next to me. I would rather not be in debt until i buy a house ;) mechanic trade school = 2K mechanical engineering at a college = 50k+
  13. Paying your bills and supporting a family on a high-school diploma salary is hard.

    College is an inconvenience.
  14. I have a GED. Going to a local trade school for mechanics, and after that I'm going to build engines and race cars for the rest of my life. oh, and I can't forget.. Smoke and grow weed too!

  15. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to dudeimoncoke again
  16. I graduate in December with my 4 year degree, took me 4.5, but that's not so bad. College is so easy, just like high school was. Want to make it super easy? Just memorize shit and pass the tests. You'll be fine, granted you at the very minimum go to class for a few hours a day, and maybe read over some shit before the exam.

    So maybe that's hard for you? How much is going to suck working a 40 hour week at some bullshit job where somebody else is telling you what to do all day? I mean maybe some people are underestimated, even some of the best entrepreneurs came from nothing. But it's not that hard to go to class and, gulp, think a little? Or you can be mindlessly working and just not care, riding through life. That's fine and all, but there is so much more out there to explore and learn about yourself. I feel college can unlock that.

    Marijuana and college are made for each other. If you actually do take something way from college, maybe knowledge, some expertise (be it music, biology, or accounting), you should have a great time studying a little, and smoking and partying alot. I mean I just smoked a little bit ago, and I have a group meeting at 7. After that I'm probably going to smoke more and get drunk, cuz it's Thursday Thursday. I have one class tomorrow at 1pm. That's it. It's a great time, so maybe your missing out. Maybe you want to do your own thing. Whatever you do, best of luck.
  17. No you aren't screwed dude. Go to a community college for 2 yrs, Universitys will concentrate on how you do there.
  18. Well someone has to work those jobs you know.

  19. mechanic trade school is not the same thing at all as a mechanical engineering degree.....both are good, but i'm just sayin', mechanical engineering is a lot of physics and theory, not just practical knowledge.....
    both are awesome but i'm just pointing that out :)
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    A trade is the only other option I can think of. Unless your gifted in something. But, you would already know. soooo....

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