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So my dealer just texted me..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T1S, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Dealer just texted me and said she has no bud and may not before new years but has hash and sludge..I don't really know what "sludge" is but I'm guessing something like BHO? Anyway, I have no oil rig so I won't be getting that, but I can get hash for 20/g...I've never had it, can someone inform me the difference between it and weed?
  2. Hash is an extraction of thc from the weed. It's more pure, and more potent. You don't need an oil rig to smoke oils. You can use many things to improvise. I've used a paper clip and a lighter to dab before with a normal pipe. 20 a g on hash is a good price. As far as sludge is concerned, it sounds like shes trying to sell you resin.
  3. Hash is a cocentrate which is stronger than weed hash contains around 60% thc and dank bud normally is around 20 I strongly recomend buying the hash
  4. Hash is probably 3-5 times more potent than buds, if not more. It really depends what kind of hash it is and what the person used to make it with.
  5. i agree "sludge" just off name alone, I would guess is resin
  6. Not all hash is that potent, some is more potent. depending on how many washes the bud had. seeing as how its 20 dollars a g, i wouldn't expect anything spectacular. IMO
  7. who the fuck sells resin?

  8. I bet ya I could sell some to some really stupid people.
  9. Drug dealers that smoke a lot of weed..
  10. You got a pooey bum
  11. I'd go for the hash. Surprisingly cheap, hopefully she isn't middlemanning some $15/g hash lol.
  12. why not just ask what sludge is?
  13. buy sludge its like a chunkier version of bho

  14. Bud here is 10/g, double price for hash sounds about right to me :confused:

    Anyway I got it, it's kinda dark brown, but now I lost my glass filter somehow so I don't know how I'll smoke it. Also, how much do I need to get the equivalent high as a bowl? About a pea size or smaller?
  15. The tip of a needle is all you really need

  16. lol just randomly double it? Yeah bud is $10 a g.. but you don't get a gram of hash out of a gram or 2 of weed (at least i never have.). I use a quad of mids for $50, + cost of butane (5 bucks), to get a around a g out of first wash, so 55 dollars to make it. feel me bruh..
  17. Agreed
  18. Well either way, it worked :smoke:
  19. Id go for the "sludge" which may be some sort of honeyoil that got a bad name haha but oil over hash is always nice because with the oil you can get a it on a small pin heat it up and then drip it ontop of a bowl for an awesome hit..

    buuut a piece of hash on a cigg on the inside of a bottle works some wonders to....
  20. I didn't like tht method for toking hash I rather use a spoin with a metal screeb

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