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so my dealer is pretty awesome.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crazym4n, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. so i used to buy from this dude, but i stopped buying from him sometime in august. i decide to hit him up today for some reason and i was only looking to buy a ten but said fuck it and asked him for a dub.

    he not only plugs it(2grams of Orange Kush) but he pulls out a blunt and asks if i wanna smoke "for old times sake". he told me to hit him up again cuz he is getting danker shit then the stuff he smoked wit me.

    i think i will hit him up again lol.
  2. you have never had a dealer like that?

    all 20+ of mine are, its good to be mates with oour suppliers
  3. That's a standard business practice in the game. What's $5 or whatever it cost him to smoke you out when you're going to become a regular client because of it?
  4. Hook, line, and sinker.
  5. it's called a chill dealer, this sounds like your first encounter with that kind of thing lol.
  6. mission accomplished.
  7. haha thats aweosem dude.i have dealers that just throw me bags sometimes haha.
  8. come of it :rolleyes:
  9. my dealer doesnt ever smoke :( so i think he's awesome when he breaks down and smokes with me .. i loves him :D
  10. Congrats you met someone who isnt a douche...forget about free weed an gettin smoked out, im happy if my sack weighs out for what I paid and is dank as it should be, NOBODY here gives preferential treatment..
  11. he was not this chill back in august. our meetings would go like this

    him-he man(while hes handing me the baggy)
    me-sup dude(as i hand him the bill)

    and id be off.

    he did spot me 10 bucks once. but that was a long time ago and it was when we were in the same class lol!
  12. Me and my hookup smoke all the time.

  13. haha great response.

    sounds like a chill dude, im lucky enough to know a couple guys who have some hookups, glad to see that you will soon be able to enjoy dank on a regular basis!
  14. You meet one of the 10-20% of dealers who aren't douchebags. Congrats, it happens more and more as you get older, especially out of HS and college.
  15. lots of semi-douchebag responses.

    dude thats sick, keep going to that guy hes clearly a nice person...fuck the fact that hes "doing it for your buisness" maybe theres some dealers in this would with half a heart who actually enjoy smoking with people? lighten up blades.

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