So my dealer got jacked giving me weed

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    Yeah, so I phone up my dealer to get a dub and he said ya okay let me hit up my bro(him and his brother are partners or someshit lol) and I'll have him do that. I'm like cool. His brother was at this one guys house that I know too so I head over there.

    Well I guess one of the guys that was there thought it was clever to tell my dealer that I'm going to take awhile and he'll just pay for it (so he can pinch and get free herb)then when I get there I'll pay him. Well he did that and fucking little bitch didn't think I had a scale and pinched me .4 grams(I don't have proof he did but it's one of those things you KNOW). So I called up my homie casually knowning he wasn't the one who shorted me and told him that shit weighed out 0.7. he's like "for real?", I'm all "yeah why you weighed it out didn't you?" and he said "yeah that shit weighed 1.1". So he's like wtf I'm coming over there and gives me .3 and we matched bowls.

    I told him if he wanted to(mainly I wanted to, justice) I will go over there and fuck the guy up who i know took it and he told me not to trip. So I'm not tripping but next time that fool does something or even says something even half-way douchebaggy to me I'm going to start tripping on him. Fuck that, I've let this guy get away with too much already. That son of a bitch.


    Someone who was holding on to my weed that i bought from my dealer pinched the sack.

    My dealer says whoever it was is a shady asshole( i actually didnt put that in the story but he did say that :smoke:) and spots me the weed that he jacked.

    My dealer says dont trip. I have an itch for revenge.:devious:
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    Seriously? You were gonna fuck someone up over .4?(i guess you have some backstories about that character that we don't know about) If you lived in Cali, you'd probably delete the phone number of the guy who sold you a 1.1 dub :/
  3. That's what we pay around here for the most part. And I know where my dealers source is so I know he's not hustling me(that's all he can afford). Yeah some people hook it up more around here but anyways. Sirust, I get I just always had an obsession with justice man. I can't stand knowing someone did/took something from/to me and got away with it. You call it anger managment issues and I call it doing karmas work.:p
  4. And to you .4 might not seem like too much. But around here, on the street, that's like 8-9 bucks. This guy tried to steal 8-9 bucks from me. What he did is no different then running up to me and stealing money out of my pocket.
  5. Everywhere has different weed prices, in NY you are LUCKY to get a 1.1 for 20 of top end bud.
  6. I was going to rep u but guess i gotta spread it around first. Ya man it was sour diesel. Around here I basically got jacked 9 bucks. Yes I will initiate a fight over 9 bucks. And it's not the money, it's the principal. Do you understand what I am saying?(not you wunshcrek)
  7. yeah 1.1 isnt that bad. alot of people who sells nice buds around here sell it like an asshole. i usually just get some kb or mids.
  8. Ha! You talk about doing Karmas work? Funny thing about karma, she works both ways my friend...

    Learn to let it go my friend. If you think you got ripped off with nine fucking dollars, just wait until you're defending felony assault charges at $200/hour...:rolleyes:
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    Yes. That. People need to talk to me like that more often haha. You're right, this pussy isn't worth it.:smoke:
    (well partially you convinced me and also the 3 bowls I just smoked:D.)
  10. listen, "inner peace", if that is your real name, .4 = not enough to fuck some one up over, chill out.

    plus how did your dealer get jacked? sound like you got a little bit of weed taken from you, not even enough to be considered "jacked"
    my dealer/really good friend got robbed for a half pound, now thats some shit.
  11. Whatever man. I'm not going to fuck him up. But I AM going to have a word with him, and let him know that I know what he did and karma will get him. Oh and I'm going to go ahead and call him a bitch while I'm at it.:cool:
  12. just say "yo i think your last count was a little off" or let his bro talk to him for you. you dont have to be all hard. "give me a better count next time, bitch" will probably just piss him off. and if it pissed you off that much, you should just not grab from him, grab from his bro instead.
  13. i agree i wouldn't fuck him up over .4, but something tells me that's not the first time he's done a douche bag move like that, chances are, if you got someone pinching bags like that, it isn't the first bag they pinched. (not talking about just to you) So something else tells me, you should get in his face :rolleyes: but it probably isn't worth it, let the next guy do it :smoke:
  14. Yeah since my dealer gave me the money back cuz he felt bad I'm not going to fuck him up, so he can kiss my dealers ass for that. But this douchebag needs to know, he's not quick, smart and clever enough to do the things he does. And he's especially not tough enough.
  15. so you got your money back in the end, and now the guy who stole the .4 hopefully isnt stupid enough to do it again
    its all good now then :smoke:
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    Word man, Id definitely call him out on it and make him feel like shit. It's just that I know people who've been robbed for thousands within the drug industry and thats shit where people start murdering other people.

    But .4, thats enough for me to never forget but to not do much about unless it persists, and that might have been the case for you.

    PS: lol, i don't get why the neg rep was necessary but I guess I'll judge people less harshly from now on :rolleyes:. Gave me a good chuckle anyways so thanks!
  17. You guys are totally missing the point.
    It does not make a difference how much he stole. HE STOLE.
    It is the principal of it.
    I would not fight him over it but I would be extremely agressive so that he knows that you aren't one to be fucked with.
  18. If you knew it was short why did you take it? Why didn't you make the guy who shorted you just keep it all? That way you might have screwed him over by forcing him out $20. Maybe he needed the $20 for gas or something and then he wouldn't have it anymore because he bought weed thinking he could screw you over, but in the end get screwed over himself since you decided 'hey this bag is short i don't want to buy it' and dude who tried pinching it gets stuck with the bag and no free weed. Did you just want some weed that bad that you would just accept a short bag? Just want to know you're logic for taking a shorted bag when you knew it was short when you could have just said no thanks to the douche bag who pinched the bag.
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    ^This, is what I did^. Only I was just extremely agressive at first and then I started tugging at his pride:devious:

    Alright so without giving too many details, I was waiting on my dealer outside tonight and these guys(all of them involved) randomly walked by and saw me, I heard their voice so I immediatley thought of that guy and was ready to talk to him.

    So they walk up and I'm all serious and one of em was like why do you look depressed? you alright? And I went up to the guys(different guy that asked me that) face and was all like "hey what up man, thanks for helping me out last night, ya thanks that shit weighed .7 and my dealer weighed it 1.1 wtf happened? Someone else jumped in and said "you can't accuse him like that when you don't have proof" I said "okay fair enough, but doesn't it not make any sense that you would tell my dealer I'm going to take awhile when you know im at my house right down the street?" And Id just looked at the guy and told him(cuz we're both from the same country) "hey man, my dealer came through and told me not to trip and replaced the weed, I'm not mad about the weed. But us ^$%^ians need to stick together. I'm not going to start a fight with you and I'm not going to trip, I just hope you didn't fuck over someone from your own country(it's a small country, not many of us)
    , our famiy were the next city over from each other.(part of the reason I mentioned this to him is because the people he was with were not of our race and they are loyal to their people)." He responded with "yah i feel you dawg" with the most ashamed look on his face, OJ simpson status. We peacefully parted ways. I think I made a bigger difference than if I fucked him up badly. Or maybe not, all I know is I will always think of him as a dirty thief, and trader to his people.(not saying stealing from people of other races just saying, it's more shameful IMOwhen its your own)
  20. Either I didn't explain something or you misunderstood something. Either way, I was skeptical when they first gave it to me cuz it looked short but i thought it could be dense or something(i have a scale and balls to back up my shit so i gave them the benefit of the doubt). But I dsidn't KNOW they pinched me until I weighed the shit, called my dealer and he was surprised because he weighed it out to 1.1. It was at this moment in time I knew that fool did this evil deed...

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