So my dad went to the doctor...

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    My dads been using natural supplements to lower his high cholestetol because he doesnt like any of those fake pharmasutical (spelling?) poisons they call medicine. He went to go tell his doctor and the doctor didnt even want to hear how he did it! All these so-called doctors do is push pills that do more harm than good.
  2. Yeah, apply that thought process to anyone else out there trying to take your money or just jam pharmaceuticals down your throat. I had severe knee pain at 21 with no history of sports or hard work, and all they did was xray and tell me it was enflamed (what the fuck kind of medical diagnosis is that?) and gave me some shitty double strength aleve.
  3. its ridiculous. Its all about money. Lets poison people and make millions off of it is pretty much what is going on.
  4. going through this my father every doctors answer is a new fucking pill.
  5. That was pretty much what happened to me when I had ulcers as a teen, a lot of treating symptoms instead of treating the issue.
    It's sad that a combination of research and talking to someone at the health store educated me on my issue more than my doctore did.
  6. depends on the doctor...took me a while to find a good one thats not just trying to get you out the door
  7. yeah hes now seeing a doctor that specializes in all natural supplements
    those can be just as bad...I had one and she kept giving me acidophilus and rescue remedy for my stomach problems and I almost died from chf
  9. looks like we have to be our own doctors
    for real ive been dealing with them about 12 yrs now and i had to learn everything myself..ive had doctors totally misdiagnose me and try to give me surgery and i had to refuse until i got a second opinion and i was they say they dont call it "practicing medicine" for nothing
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    ^ Spot on with practicing medicine! After all, we know what they call doctors who graduate at the bottom of their class :p
    It's kind of ridiculous how little thought most people put into their own health. They abuse and neglect their bodies, and know little to nothing about how it works, or the processes of diseases they have, or the medications they pour down their throats. Then they show up in the ER and want a quick, magic fix to reverse the years of damage done, and are pissed when they find out, it's typically unavailable.
    Inflammation is a pretty damn common medical diagnosis, actually. Anything 'itis', bronchitis, appendicitis, meningitis, hepatitis, etc. Or in your case, likely tendinitis. Which is typically treated with rest and NSAIDs, like Aleve. Unless it's severe enough for a steroid injection, or surgery.
    Unless you're a child, or mentally disabled, your health is your responsibility. Ignore it, and you may end up suffering. Of course the pharmaceutical industry isn't the cleanest cut unfortunately, and the FDA usually makes things worse rather than better. All drugs have extensive (though typically mild) effects throughout the body, there's no simple, magic fix, in a pharmacy or at GNC. But to list any modern medication as 'fake pharmaceutical poison' is a pretty bold statement....
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    I think parsley reduces cholesterol, and onions perhaps? Does he like Salsa
    Eating Sea salt also. I bet cannabis leaf too. 
  13. ya just cause someones got a degree doesnt mean they are smart
  14. I have cluster migraines. Topomax gave me kidney stones. They say that cluster migraines are the most painful affliction known to man, and kidney stones are number two. I've passed a few and didn't blink. CM's gave me a pain threshold you wouldn't believe. A few years of cannabis use and I'm off the pills, no longer thinking about blowing my brains out and when I broke my knee and folded it backwards I told the doc to keep the pain pills. Yeah, not a pill one for a broken knee. Eating the seeds lowers my blood pressure.... Fuck big pharma, I'll be my own doctor thank you very much.
  15. surprised at all the hate for antibiotics in here. they work, unless your doctor is pushing opiates and other addictive pharmaceuticals on you theres no reason to be that skeptical. taking alternative 'medicine' can be incredibly dangerous, you need to research what youre taking because the majority of it is bullshit.
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  17. how are "addictiive" medication better than non "addictive" medication", for example, SSRI's imo are much more dangerious than say their counterpart Zans.
  18. It means they are as smart as the Government wants them to be..... our educational system isn't about to let the world have another Tesla, Puharich, Einstein or Stanley Meyer if they can prevent it. Free energy isn't free..... it costs somebody money in the form of profit.
  19. The body forms it's own antibodies from exposure, and antibiotics are derived from natural sources. The natural supplements people take are far less natural than they would ever believe. I agree with you, but people are responsible for doing their own research on what they put into their body. You can't trust a doc that gets free trips from pharmaceutical reps though.

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