so my dad offered to give me one of his cars

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  1. i just got off the phone with my dad. he offered me one of his two cars! right now i'm driving a 98 plymouth neon with 102k miles.. i want his 98 buick century that was my grandparents and they took immaculate care of. with only 70k. should i do it? i need a more reliable car. and while i love my little neon they tend to fart out after a while.
  2. oh dude, go for the car that belonged to your grandparents. for sure!!!
  3. Go for the grandparents car, then give your neon to me! :D

    My car shit the bed not too long ago :(
  4. i thought the rest of the thread was gonna be,

    "and i said yes"
  5. that is what i was thinking but whatever lol
  6. Well i just checked... the century gets 17mpg (city) and 27mpg (highway), a automatic neon gets 21/30, and a manual neon gets 25/37

    If the gas mileage doesnt bother you, i say go for it
  7. my neon doesnt get that good anymore. i mean true it is a big switch but i do need a more reliable car.
  8. well i wouldnt consider the buick any more reliable... they are both GM cars. But if it's free and has less miles, why not?
  9. i say go for it
    do it do it
  10. take the century, sell the neon and use the money to add some hook ups to the century, like maybe a tune up to help the gas mileage.
  11. I'd take a free car any day =)

    Are there any conditions that go along with him giving you the car?

    Meaning, can you still do whatever you want with your older neon? (give it away and write it off on taxes, sell it to a friend etc)

    But yeah, I'd definitely take the grandparents car. Grandparents always keep their cars in immaculate condition, and it's also got less miles than the car you have.

  12. Free car? Fuck yes.
  13. Actually a Neon is a Plymouth/Dodge contraption of a pile of crap. The weakest of the big 3 (and one who no longer leases. Hmm. Interesting)
  14. What I don't understand is why would you even say no? It is a free car ... nothing to lose ....................?
  15. take it

    take the neon to a field or parking lot (make sure to get authorization and clean up ya mess) and charge people like 5 bucks to beat the shit out of it with a bat.:wave:

    i bet youd make a lot of cashola..i know if i seen that i would pay 5 bucks in a heartbeat.
  16. Go for the Buick! Much more comfy. Those fuckers are built like tanks and are easy to fix. Do it!

    I loves me an old person sedan. I want my parents LeSabre so bad! lol
  17. I'd definitely be going for whatever car gets better gas mileage right now. Do you know how fast you'll be putting more miles on it? Since I got my car I've put 30,000 miles on it in 3 about 10k a year for me. If you put miles on fast then defintiely go for the car with the least amount of mileage on it, but if not then I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    Don't listen to what everyone else is saying and just take the free car because you can, make sure it's a better choice than your current car and don't just take it because your dad is offering.

    If I was offered a free car from a family member or friend I would only take it if I was going to drive it, I would never take a car from someone close to me and sell it and make money off of it or something like that. I can't believe how many of you are just saying to take the free car because you can.
  18. Buick Century's are great. My GF just sold hers. it was a 1987 Century Custom.

    It ran well to be so old....... I'd definately go with it....

    Especially being in the care of someone who knew what they were doing.

    Plus they have great size backseats that are perfect for "dating".

    Lots of legroom....

    Good solid car

  19. lol... boy if you can get a permit for
  20. fuck neon
    they are peice of shit
    i fuckin hate people upgrade their neon

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