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So my dad found out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TYRELHAHA, May 12, 2010.

  1. So i already posted this kind of in real life stories but this is whats going down now. So as you know my dad saw the packages i ordered off of gc. So he knows i smoke and im pretty sure hes gonna tell my mom if he already hasnt. i think he did tho. It doesnt seem like he cares much im just gonna put the facts in his face that its not bad for you except the smoke, but if thats his lame excuse ill tell him ill vape haha. But anyways he called me yesterday to make a plan to go eat dinner and talk. so after i got that call i went to the kitchen and my mom all of a sudden wants to go eat breakfast today too. haha im gonna see how it turns out and if they dont want me to smoke on their property i wont. Also im quitting smoking ciggarettes today ill keep you updated on how that goes.
  2. My dad found out about six months ago that I smoke. But i've been smoking since 2008. My mom knew before my dad did and my mom doesn't mind, in fact shes actually smoked a bowl with me (once!) My dad smokes as well however the other day he came into my room and spoke with me. He said he quit weed and he can think clearer and has found God again. And he said that my smoking weed isolates me... Riiight. I work full time and go to school full time. I rarely have time to do anything, and the few moments i do have he said I can't smoke the one thing that I love to do. Mom just said ignore him (He is a little senile) so I have... I won't stop my love with Mary, not while my mom still condones :)
  3. shit yeah dude i know my dad doesnt toke and i really dont think my mom does either but she has mentioned wanting to try it while she was in jamacia but they wouldnt let her because she looked sketchy i guess
  4. Always some form of oppression. I now understand how people who are hated on due to skin color feel, its the same type of thing in a sense. They dislike us because of a sterotype and we get to feel the negative consequences :( But I know who I am, and to me, that is all that matters.:cool:
  5. yep love 2 all our haters
  6. #7 What Drug Test?, May 12, 2010
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    None of us would have made that quantum leap on our own.


    two free meals just for smoking pot son do yoU!
  7. haha yeah true two meals... whats asain got to do with it lol
  8. Goodluck, good choice quitting ciggarettes :hello:
  9. if they end up disapproving you should show em the union. its a reallly good documentary on bud and how its not what everyone thinks it is
  10. Ok my dad must be pretty chill with me tokin because thats not what the dinner was about at all. He didnt mention it at all:D The breakfast with my mom was a part of her mothers day present because my sis wasnt here on sunday. And as far as quitting smoking didnt work. i had like 4 instead of fifteen tho. Work pisses me off alot so its nice to have a smoke haha gonna see if i can smoke less tonight if not at all

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