So my buddy send me a package today... what do you think of this "pollen coin"?

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  1. Hey guys so my buddy going to college in MD sent me this package today along with something he was doing for a school project (or at least it's what it started as). He said he had positive encouragement from one of his professors, and created a Pollen Coin (also called kief coin). He is sending these to all our friends at different colleges on the east coast, so we can give them out to our friends, see what we like/dont like, etc. I took a YouTube video of his product in action and was impressed; check it out the video on YouTube. I don't think he has a grass city account, but I think if you had a question you could ask on the website or I can attempt to answer. All together the video was 4 min, i sped it up to about 2.5 min.

    [ame=]YouTube - COINVIDEO.wmv[/ame]
  2. I don't believe that's anything new , Ive seen those around for years. :cool:
  3. a nickel or dime, or you're just wasting your time.
  4. I mean, the concept of course is there and works just fine...

    however its something a little difficult to market. We could buy this pollen coin for 2.00 shipped from the site, however I can also find a nickle that works just as well on my floor for free...

    The "pollen coin" is just that, a fancy coin. Looks a little thick, but I hope not too heavy, could be bad for screens. I think your guna have a hard time selling it.
  5. You were impressed by a nickel?
  6. LOL
    I misinterpreted this cause im baked.
    I thought it was keif pressed to look like a coin.
    I've been watching the video confused.
    Now that it makes sense, My response to you sir is:
  7. People are going to question the validity of this item because it's priced so low. It's like admitting to the customer that you're seriously marking up a basic item. The veblen effect is when the demand for an item increases as a function of the price (think rolls royce or gold teeth).

    I don't doubt that you could sell people kief coins, but you need to do more research on the business side of this.
  8. I don't mean to be a dick but the powerpoint on your friend's site looks and sounds like it was designed by an 8th grader. I really just don't believe it works that much better than a nickel, sorry.
  9. all of my friends keep something in the grinder, its nothing new bro
  10. looks basically like a 2 dollar dime haha
  11. haha wow this is fail

    your friend must have been so stoned
  12. yeh this will make you awhole lot of laughs but no money :)
  13. A+ thread, classic idea. :p
  14. oh yea let that metal coin bang all over the metal grinder knocking off which ever metal is less dense, then find out the MASSIVE headache that smoking metal does for you....mmm....epic fail....I bet if you got a super bright light, the kief will look like it has micro sparkles in it.... cause its got some dank metal in it....if you just let the herb dry in there and knock the side genty for a while and it will sift the kief down to the bottom.... then it falls thru the screen, i bet that coin breaks up the plant material and tons falls thru.... doing it the slow, natural way, always wins
  15. Your friend must be really really dumb. This is basically a dime ($0.10) for $2.00. Does he honestly think this is a good idea? His professor must be smoking some crack too if he thinks its a great idea. If he ever thought he was going to make some money off of this, he needs something better to do in his life.
  16. so what are you supposed to do with this? you put it in your grinder along with your bud then shake it with the coin inside to help collect more kief??
  17. ^^ it "knocks" the trichromes off the bud... more like it continues smashing the bud and the triches come off and so does some plant seriously if you grind, and it let dry for maybe an hour, then just tap the side of the grinder and it slightly sifts the weed, you will get MUCH less plant matter, metal gets chipped off of anything.
  18. I've used a dime in my grinder for like 2 years now...
  19. if i actually need to knock my weed around in the grinder and im too lazy to just slow sift, i throw some stems de-keifs them and the weed all at once and they come right out hahahahah. For those of us who keep stems for their kiefy ness
  20. this is right...small stems work just as good and you get no shitty shit in your kief

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