So, my birthday is on the 1st of June...

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  1. Every year, my grandparents send me $200.00 for my birthday, since I was 13 or so. I kind of want a new piece. What do you guys suggest I look into? I lost my pipes when I was really faded in the forest a couple weeks ago, and I just bought a Luke Wilson 10-Arm bubbler, so right now, that is my only piece. What do you guys suggest I look into :D
  2. showerhead a/c?
  3. I think I am just going to get a carbon filter for it, so much cheaper... Maybe in a month or so after I use it some more. It cleaned up very easily tbh.
  4. If my only piece was a LW 10 arm bub, and I had 200 to drop on another, I'd snag a nice beefy straight tube to mix it up a bit.

    Extreme Q vape is also a good contender in my book, it's got a lot of variety and options for that price range.
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    I think I'd like a little bit more portability than the Xtreme Q or a Volcano or something like that. Don't want to be restrained by wall plugs... Also didn't really like the Iolites or Vapir Ones I have tried.
  6. Incredibowl?
  7. me also go with third post
    you must think about that


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