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    Hello all and thank u for reading this. I hope I can help people out as it is in my nature too help. To start I am new here but I have been growing green plants for a long time. Whether its veggies, fruits or just flowers to look at. I have read forum after forum on this website as well as other website about beginners guides, they are all too complicated , and over load people with so much info it's a natural set up for disaster. Example: everyone can read b the age of 6 or so.... Does that mean we R going to read a 1000 page novel and understand it? As a new grower u cannot expect to grow top shelf meds the first time. Unless ur lucky or just a natural.

    Too start u should try to understand nutrients. Macro are the main and micro are the secondary. Any good name brand should contain all whether its a three part or one part bottle formula. ( personally its easy to add flora nova as it is a one part bottle)( I did find sum plants like more nutrients than others so I add what I need using the three part bottle on top of flora nova but only if I start to see a deficiency)

    Too me people make mistakes by buying premaid soil that have nutrients in it already and then by adding nutrients problems arise. I know for a fact 95% of beginners will not be using a r/o system and it is just as important to me as light, co2, and all the above. Example: if ur making a BBQ and rack of ribs came salted and u added salt would it taste good or probly too salty. Tap water contains calcium carbonate and mg carbonate ( ca and mg are on the micro nutrients) which is harder for plants to absorbe. Calcium and mg nitrite are more quickly available for plants to use so getting a ca/mg supplement is always wise. I have been told by the hydro store that tap water has enough ca in it but not the one u want. Remember too much of anything is never good.
  2. Hello and welcome!
         I get what you are saying in paragraph one; but I have to disagree. There are some high detail threads on growing that use all the equipment you could think off; but at the same time there are also many shorter ones that are more of the basic process you mention. It's up to the noob grower to decide what they want to follow. Me personally I failed my last grow; and am several days away from germinating my new grow. It's all I've been focused on for a few weeks now; and I love reading about growing and I have been filling lots of time perusing the forum. As a noob grower, all of this info isn't too much; it's too little. I've read every thread all the way 10 pages back as well as a handful of ebooks and I can't get enough.
         For the premade soil part, you need to take a closer look at the soils everyone recommends. They either have very little nutes or none at all. Every detailed tut I've read tells you not to start nutes for at least a few weeks anyways. The people who do nutes from the beginning or using stuff like Miracle Grow are the ones who read the less detailed threads. That don't go into detail about soil composition or nutrients and feeding schedules.
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  3. And a happy new year
  4. Lol we'll first of all I thought I deleted this because I was going to rewrite it in a much simpler from.. Second ur right .. I'm sure there are a lot of threads that's a lot more detailed about soil what it offers and all. Second the reason i wanted to write a post like this wasn't to get into detail so to speak and get people confused. Had I finished and posted like i was going to, u would understand that people need to grow meds first. That means grow with out stressing the plant out. Which in the end will result in better harvests. After new growers understand how a plant works and thrives only then can a grower push the strain to its limits. Too many people skip the growing a healthy plant and want too grow the best tips shelf grade. People get lost in all the info. As far as soil goes not all places in the states carry ur fox farm , pro mix , or happy frog. Any normal nursery will carry peat moss and perlite. Mixing ur own potting soil is not only cheaper but more clean medium. U know I really didn't excpect experienced growers or growers who think they know what they are doing jump into a thread I posted like this so if ur not a beginner why post anything on this thread? Seems u like conflict or being right when I dosnt matter. Take care and u should waste ur time reading threads u won't learn anything from..
  5. Another thing.. When u buy a bag of soil and it has sum nutes in it and mix ur own with out nutes.. Why can't I add nutes to none nutritional soil.? I have a dwc cloner and I add rapidstart , flora blend, and calimg to my r/o water untill my ppms are at 200 - 220. No yellow leaves no dead clones and I cut clones Atleast 10 inches long. Really can't say why people tell u not to add nutes. Yes the clones doesn't have roots to use the nutes but they all aid in root development and is there ready when roots sprout. Now for seeds.. That's another story because cotyledon leave contain all the nutrients a plant needs to grow a small roots system to get its life going . If fact I wait and only feed seedling ph r/o water untill the cotyledon leaves lose it nitrogen and dies off. Seems like u have been bombarded with so much info..

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