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  1. I've been propositioned to move up there. I've never in my life entertained thoughts of living in Montana.

    So if anyone on this forum is from there, I ask you to tell me what it's like up there. Please of course :)
  2. What the fuck is Montana?
  3. Well where do you live now?
  4. I currently reside in Oklahoma.
  5. I used to live in Northwest Montana (Flathead Valley). I've traveled all over the U.S. and Canada and Mexico and Europe. I will always consider Northwest Montana to be one of the very coolest places to be. These are the best towns IMO: Whitefish (Serious Ski Town), Kalispell (the center of the Flathead Valley), Bigfork (Awesome town on the coolest lake in the US & 20 minutes away from Kalispell), Missoula (College Town & More of a city vibe than the others listed here), Bozeman (college town)

    They do not have clubbing culture really so if that is your thing stay away.

    But if your thing is more centered around campfires by beautiful lakes in the summer, outdoor sports (Snowboarding or Skiing especially!), drinking at taverns with good outdoorsy people, breathtaking scenery etc. look no further. Montana is the shit...that's why so many celebrities vacation there every year. I go back whenever I can! It's what Colorado used to be, long ago...
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    Kalispell is where I would be moving, the thought of mountains and beautiful scenery is what grabs me. And the fact that Canada is right there.

  7. uhhhh................ what? :smoke:
  8. Illadelphin^ I know where you are coming from questioning that statement I made and I have a lot of love for Colorado (been there many,many times and probably moving to Boulder soon). But Colorado wasn't always so didn't always take 3 hours to get to the Ski Resort on a Friday. That is where Montana is currently....sick Mountains, Lakes, Outdoor Activities and scenery...and not nearly as many people crowding everything up.

    Jeffrey Riot- Kalispell is the epicenter of all things, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Check it out and leave if it's too mellow for you.
  9. Oh yeah...they get the super dank on the regular there too! I didn't even know what mids was until I left.
  10. haha i feel you, man. it's getting super crowded, but it is still not very packed as most other metro areas are. 6 to one, half dozen to the other :confused_2:
  11. There is a lot of good to be said about Colorado that's why I'm going to probably end up there :smoke: I like the city vibe of Denver + the outdoors vibe and that is a unique mix.

    Back to the topic at hand though. Northwest Montana is sick...ask anyone who's been Snowboarding there in the winter and Wakeboarding till 11pm in the summer. Kalispell is close to one of the hugest lakes in the U.S. (Flathead) which brings a beach atmosphere in the summer and 25 minute drive to a top 50 ski resort (Big Mountain now Whitefish Mountain Resort) where you won't wait in long ass lines. 40 minutes and you are in Glacier Park. 2 hrs and you are in Banff, Canada, 6 hours drive to Seattle. The one negative is that you usually can't fly non stop to wherever you want to go and vice versa for people coming to visit.
  12. Thank you for the input so far StickyStanky. Now, besides the activities, what's the general atmosphere of the community? Political, expression, culture, art ect.
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  14. No worries...I love talking about "home". It varies quite a bit depending on who you associate with and where you hang out. I graduated from High School in Kalispell. I would say that the great majority of younger people (16-40) living there are very artistic, open minded, intelligent and active. As far as politics go it seems to be split right down the middle with conservatives and liberals. The older generation that grew up there, feel passionately about the "good old days" and the way things used to be and they get upset when big box stores come in and take out the Mom and Pops (which is happening more and more).

    There is not a lot of ethnic diversity there (because it's off the beaten path), but the majority of people I know are all very culturally aware because they all travel so much and are well educated. Community is big there and every week there is something to go to or see or participate in. Art Walks, White Water Fest, Reggae Fests, Jazz Fests, Fairs, Festivals, Ski Swaps, Concerts in the parks and at the 2 different ski resorts within 30 min of Kalispell. Parties are mostly held at lake houses (multiple lakes all within 20 min) or outdoors around campfires with everyone playing music. If you skate they have a pretty good park. People don't care much about trends or having the coolest's outdoorsy mountain culture.

    Most people that live there aren't from there. There is a large population of "cowboys" but there is an even larger population of "Granolas", "Preppy's", "Skiers/Boarders" and every other stereotypical group you can think of. No gangs, No streets you can't walk down, very little graffiti if at all. Very Safe...
  15. mmmmmmmmmmmm
  16. I've always thought about movin to Montana. Love the outdoors and stickystanky is describing my atmosphere.

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