so me and my roomate tripped on shrooms once and...

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  1. this is what my roomate wrote while he is was tripping and i fell asleep

    PREFACE: Below this line contains words i wrote during a trip under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms. It was the first and only time I tripped on any type of drug, so i decided to write down my experience. I had a very bad trip and i don't know where these words came from but i can only guess they came from the subconscious. Prepare yourself for the wierdest crap i've ever written. It starts out at the peak of my trip, then it slowly degresses into a tired burnt out man rambling on.

    p.s-i'm not a nazi

    So, this alien, I guess, is eating away at my soul. And it feeds on poop drying in the sand with gooble and gabble. Satan will find you in a rain shower that kills fuck and SATAN . it lies it kills your soul. Mommy. Can you kill the killing. Can you save exactly what you came for? And it goes on. Never again will satan mess with your face. Coffee. Is it a number? Is it a figure that stands above the images waiting to die. In dripping.spell out your grace. Can god imagine it. The blood. The gleaming imagination.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? you yourself are seeing things. Fuck it fuck it fuck it. Hey tom, are you a salesman? Live die live die…period period period period period period.bllod? period blood? I write the question mark. A symbol that provokes thought of questioning. Ren and stimpy ren and stimpy, ren and stimpy. Sorry folks that took a while. Hey, I was wondering if you could hold my chastity belt. Beer is good sometimes but I prefer wine because it's red like blood, and I LOOOOOVE BLOOOOD. Because of course as you know, I am a vampire. A vampire that stalks aborted babies and rapes their faces day after day with sounds of pleasantness, yes the oh so good sound of a baby being crushed beneath the weight of your foot. Alan wake up it's me margret. I've never sensed anything like this before. It's absolutely crazy, but you know what? ITS FUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!

    Second paragraph

    The third starts off with a twist, a Pepsi twist! It tastes like shit, but smells like ferocious grapes of wrath. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
    Um sorry next one…
    That's my band you know
    Only I am in it
    And only I am allowed to sing in it
    And write the words
    And the chords
    And the verse'
    Many many things and colors appeared. When I was tripping. Patterns of weird things that I had only seen in films or things making fun of stoners and people who like to trip. Ima tell you right now that I freaked the fuck out. Weird shit was happening and I was waiting for alan to wake up but he just kept sleeping. He's still sleeping. I'm still tripping. I'm trying to write my way out of this experience. Things are happening in slow motion. My whole train of thought is finally coming back together. I'm almost completely normal now. My mind is fucked up. Maybe I'm just tired, too much tripping I suppose. I need sleep. Just got of the phone with ian, he said that hallucinating is cool. He also suggested dressing up like a pink bunny, which I thought was weird. Where's will? Is he dead? Am I dead! No, I couldn't be. Because I am typing. And typing, is the root of all that is living. Fuck you Barbra Streisand. Fuck you and your naïve way of thinking. Mein Kampf?
    Why did I say that
    I'm sorry
    To all that are jewish.
    Especially Barbra Streisand
    Because I just said fuck you to her
    And fuck you is a terrible word
    I meant to say phrase.
    Hulk Hogan has led an interesting life doncha think?
    He's single handedly muscled his way into politics and fucked his way out
    Who knew that this terrible thing would eat his crap for breakfast.
    666 666666666
    666 666666666
    666 666
    666 666
    666 666
    666 666
    666 666
    666 666
    666666666 666
    666666666 666

    It must be nice to know that such a nice boy can draw such nice things
    Like a swastika made out entirely of the number of the beast.
    I guess satan does live.
    He lives within each and every one of us
    Alan is still sleeping.
    What a douchebag
    What a guy!
  2. woah man! you had me cracking up in the first paragraph
  3. "bad trips" are only a perception, they aren't really bad.

  4. That doesn't seem like something you'd be able to write down all while tripping on shrooms. Seems more like a kid hopped up on mt dew, or something, wrote it.
  5. That was funny as hell. Yep first paragraph was definitely the best!

  6. no we were both def tripping balls man. lol his mind is a little fucked up anyways checkout his rap group he made for fun that will give you a better look at why he may have wrote something like that.
  7. lol that got me.
  8. Sounds like the speech patterns of a schizophrenic.

  9. That fucking cracked me up.
  10. def an intense experience

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