So many types of flourescents! What to use?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 3rd Stone, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. I have just read that the "Gro-Lux" type of tubes are not the best flos to have because the overall light output is too low. There are these "Sunstick-Full Spectrum(2200 lumens)" lights out there also-which I have heard are really good, supposed to most closely resemble the sun's light-but there lumen output is lower than the cool whites(3300 lumens). Supposedly, the cool whites have alot in the blue spectrum. I only got space for 4-40 watt tubes. I was thinking of some combination of "Sunsticks" with the cool whites. I also have 2 small 20 watt tubes that I'm putting in the corners. What type of combination set-up should I use? Please be specific. I have a 6 sq/ft(1 1/2 x 4)grow room w/ mylar.
  2. get an equal combo of cool whites and warm whites.
  3. i would go for an equal comblination of cool whites and grolux because warmwhites have alot of red spectrum in them and plants dont need much red spectrum in veg. then i would switch to just warmwhites for flowering.
  4. What about the "Sunstick-Full Spectrum" flouros. I read in a book that some flouro growers use these exclusively. Anyone with experience with these?
  5. I, and I'm sure alot of us rookies thank you. Your info & feedback benefits the cause.
  6. Right now Im growing 2 plants with 2 40 watt cool fluros and 1 growlux tube, the plants are approx. 3 weeks old right now and they are doing great, 1 went through little root shock when i transplanted. But it seems to be doing great right now, soon when i get some cash im going to buy a few more grow lux tubes, and maybe a couple more 40 watt cool flouros. Next week I could post a pic of my plants.
  7. has anyone heard of a 33 watt bright stick. its a flourescent bulb, at the moment im using 2, if anyone has heard of these please tell me what you think of them,
  8. I've heard of those, but don't have any type of experience with them.

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