So many options one pill to choose

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  1. K so here's my situation blades about a year ago now I had hooked up with a coworker of mine and well she was hot and she had really nice tits.
    But anyways well I hooked up with her and we had a "thing", i guess, for about a month and then she got fired. That relationship or so she says it was ended and Like a few weeks after she had "quit". I had a different coworker come up to me and ask me if my ex ever sent me pictures and I said of course and then the same lady coworker, i do say lady, told me she always sent pictures to her as well. Which surprised me and then again not really
    This chick was sort of a whore haha. Back to the story . Well then She ended up bringing in the conversation that I have a big penis and that took me off guard at first but then also happy of course.

    Now you have the basis

    Well my lady coworker has been ranting about my "big" dick after fucking my ex I swear she talks about it more than god damn Obama on the tv. Bu she's never seen it nor will she she's old and disgusting. BUT she just so happens to have a big mouth and now a few other coworkers (WHICH ALSO COULD BE VERY BAD) have gotten wind of this and are now curious. And I feel like they will be inviting me over for what I hope is a good fucking time just so they can see me penis and it's supposed "largeness"

    Nukkas What do I do!?!?!?!!!?!!?!!!? There is no hotness in these coworkers either but my hormones are still outta here so Id fuck anything but of course dudes im self concious about my pen and tellers and doubt

    Red pill: go along with it and possibly just be able to score another coworker
    Blue pill: party with two coworkers for a fun sexual weekend possibly
    Rainbow pill: nothing/avoid
    The most interesting man in the worlds kidney stone shaved into a pills: do both and have a good fucking time dos Equis

    By rainbow I mean gay

    Tl;dr gossipy coworker spreading rumors about my
    Penis may be bonus!
  2. I didn't understand this one bit

    Is your co worker a tranny or something?
  3. How big is your penis?
  4. If they invite you over and you dont want to simply dont or say no. If you do then go.
  5. I'd say swallow that rainbow pill. There'll be other girls, and there's no point in having sex with women you find unattractive just because.
  6. This thread was 90% to brag about your penis and 10% to actually get responses about your decision
  7. QFT. :hello:
  8. 90% fuck off and 10% sure You stopped here or the the almighty forces of my penis made you stop here whatever your reason I'm not going to explain myself answer the damn question

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