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  1. I am looking for a light system that will grow 6 to 8 plants. I have come across this new 1000w digital ballast (Quantum 1000 watt Dimmable Electronic switchable Ballast) but would like some advise on a reflector or hood that I should get to go along with it. Also,,,is this 1000w light a good choice?? Or should I get 2 600w balasts which are not as efficient as the dimmable and add 1 or 2 plants to the mix? Advise would be greatly appreciated. Im rackn my brain trying to figure out a lighting system.
  2. If I had the cash, I'd opt for the dual 600W setup over a single 1000W setup. Just cause
    you can cover more space and grow more plants. And you can only run a single 600W early
    on in the grow, might save you a little $ on the electric bill. You'd also have the chance
    to run both HPS and MH bulbs at the same time, which is a great combo.

    As for a reflector.. don't know really. I just use the one that came with my 400W setup, it
    works great. Just a standard aluminum one. The only advice I'd have is maybe get
    one that can be rigged up to be air-cooled.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. Thanks for the input. Would I need 2 600w lights to see 6-8 plants to harvest or would I be able to get away with one 1000w?
  4. You could easily grow 6-8 with a single 1000W if you wanted to. No question.

    ..unless you wanted to grow 15 foot trees, that is.. then no. :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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