So many DXM threads...!?

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  1. Alright, i don't know if its just me, but every time i open up the box, the first page displays 4 different threads about DXM. Is it just me, or has there been a lot lately no?? and you can usually break them down into three categories. 1. dxm and weed 2. DXM help!? (usually about what kind to take) 3.) DXM-how much (contains questions about how many mgs to take and what to expect. its like, hello, read the rules much)
    now, im not one for bitching, and im not mad necessarily, but its just finally pushed me over the edge. i mean, damn, its annoying. i mean, ever heard of the search function? or google? or erowid? i mean, especially when half of them are the same threads basically. and so many of them its like, you know they didnt do anything to research. its scary. dxm is really a drug you should research thoroughly. i guess Im glad they are asking questions and trying to do things safely.
    i dont really know what this thread was supposed to accomplish. i guess just to vent and see if anyone else agrees?
  2. It's because people are lazy and don't feel like doing all the research themselves.
  3. ha im on it atm. only 300 mg. took it maybe 9:30 and im starting to feel a bit weird thats it. pointless post on my part but idc im feeling nice
  4. Wow I was about to post this thread pretty much.

    ........and then post a 'dxm please help!!' Thread
  5. Thank you.

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    What's the big deal? It ends up being a thread for people on DXM at the moment and people who aren't bothered by it. Ignore it. Just think of the random DXM thread as the "GAY PR0N" thread you also wouldn't open.

    And I'd also rather have the stupid people (who don't research before trying anything potentially harmful to their bodies, whether it be through an excessive dose or through general properties of the respective psychoactive chemical) on here asking for case-specific advice, than having a blade die, because they only read one archived DXM thread that may have been for a 600-pound man in his thirties. Dead < Alive.

    They may be stupid, but if you ignore their posts and let other people answer them, I'm sure their dead relatives in heaven will thank you for allowing their loved ones to live just a little longer.
    :smoking: :cool:
  7. i've noticed so many acid threads lately too. no one researches anything anymore. our drug culture is more worried about getting fucked up than doing it right.
  8. Yeah i agree with you completely matt, and i used to answer questions in those threads, but after awhile, i got tired of posting the same goddamn things. there needs to be a thread or a sticky or something that just says "DXM for dummies-your questions answered here!" and the first post will cover all the bases of dxm and link to erowid and the dextroverse and the dosage calculator. but alas, people would probably still make completely new threads.
  9. Acid, Ecstasy and DXM seem to be dominating this forum currently.

  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure I've seen a few official dxm threads getting bumped so more people will see it. But some kids just have a question, register or walk into the box, and click new thread without doing anything else.

    Better yet there should be a quiz you have to take before posting a thread:
    1.) type out your thread, don't post, now skim through atleast the first three pages. How many times do you see the exact thing?

    2.) have you searched anywhere else to find your information? On a scale of 1-5 1 being the hardest and most searches 5 being no extra work, where do you score?

    3.) are you younger than 18? If so how many years?

    If you score more than 3 total, NO POST!!
  11. EVERY DXM question imaginable can be answered by using the search function.

    People are too lazy until people learn how to use the search function, all these threads are going to repeat themselves.
  12. What's ironic is that YOU just made ANOTHER DXM thread.

  13. That's irony.

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