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  1. Well I have everything set up, and I just placed my 700 dollar order for my lighting and fan and I am seriously starting to think it was a huge mistake to even start this project. But I'm 1500 dollars down that I CANNOT get back so it looks like I am just going to have to make the best of it.

    Nutes and PH/PPM was a complete mind fuck to me at first. With a little reading, it got easier to understand, and with a little more reading came a little more understanding, until it was set in stone for me. Ventilation? Not so much.

    First off, I am going to be running a 1000W HPS for veg/flower. Some might think that it's too much for a rookie, but I went with a 1000W because winter is approaching and I will be using that frigid cold air to my advantage. This is what I do not understand.

    I don't understand how the ventilation gets set up. I see set ups where they have ducting go from one hole of the tent, to the light, right out the other hole. Where does the fan draw the odor from?

    My issue is this: The tent I bought is a cheap POS. I have two exhaust holes, but they are not on opposite sides of the tent like they should be. Instead, they are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. One hole is from the top, and the other is about four inches on the one of the walls.

    So could I just leave one end of my air cooled hood open? have it like this:
    hood > carbon filter > ducting > fan > ducting to the outside?

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense... i'm so frazzled right now and can't get my thoughts straight.
  2. Simple. Sounds like you like an air cooled hood too right?

    Run ducting from your first hole to your 'intake' side of your air cooled hood. Run ducting from the 'exhaust' side of your hood into a 'Y' connector and attach your fan which will suck air from your intake hole in your tent, through your light and then out the second hole, your exhaust.

    Now set your carbon filter on the floor of your tent, or hand it somehow, and run ducting from your filter, to you 'Y' connector. The fan you installed blowing outward will cool your light, and remove old air from your grow room, while being filtered.

    So to recap...

    Intake Hole > Light > 'Y' Connector > Fan with ducting setup to blow OUT your second hole (your exhaust hole).

    Now Place your carbon filter how youd like it > Run ducting to the 'Y' connector.

    The Fan should be sucking air from both sides of the 'Y' connector, and out your one exhaust hole.
  3. Okay that makes a lot more sense. Looks like I'll have to buy a new tent; I don't have holes on opposite sides of my tent. I'll try and throw a picture up if I can.

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  4. You dont need holes on the opposite side of the tent. Why would you need that?
  5. To have cool air coming in from the room I thought? If not it'll just be warm air from the tent to cool the hood, and that wouldn't cool the hood. I thought i'd need to have a hole on one side that draws cool air into the hood and a hole on the opposite side to expel the hot air/odor. does that make sense?

    Those holes in the pictures are the only two holes I have in the tent to work with exhaust. I have another hole at the bottom but that'd be for intake.

    And in the woods, thanks for the contribution. I'm glad you get your laughs from people trying to learn a thing or two about growing.
  6. Were it me, I'd probably leave the intake open and seal off one of the two exhausts.

    Then, just connect carbon filter -> light -> exhaust. This ensures your plants are getting lots of fresh air. The light will run hotter (inside the hood) than if it wasn't impeded by the carbon filter but as long as you have adequate airflow, it'll be OK.

    I believe this is what most blades with one fan do, myself included.
  7. So what you're saying is I could grow with only one exhaust hole?

    And don't I need to be drawing cool air for the air reflected hood? Also, if the carbon filter will make the hood run hotter, couldn't I just go light > filter > exhaust, leaving the one end of the hood open?
  8. yes you need a passive intake(light trapped) usually their at the bottom of the tent so your using the cooler air... using air higher up is usually hot(depends where your pushing your hot air to)
  9. Ah yes, I forgot about the cool air that will be coming in from the outside. I just read in another thread that a member uses panty hoses to filter shit from the outside. I doubt this would keep anything that is microscopic out though. I'll just run ducting from the window to the lower intake.
  10. oh, i forgot to mention that I will not be having a carbon filter for a few weeks. I have point in spending the money now on something I do not need at the moment. I was going to wait about two weeks into the grow and make sure that all is good before I go purchasing one.
  11. Might anything happen between now and the next two weeks that will stop you from growing?

    I can tell you from many experiences that building a room around growing plants is a major PITA. Waiting on any aspect of your setup has the potential to cause you headaches and not much else. A carbon filter is especially something you don't want to find yourself unexpectedly without for any reason, as is adequate ventilation once the filter is in place.

    However, some things you'll need to learn for yourself and I predict you won't take my advice this go around. 'Figured I'd throw it out anyways. *shrugs*
  12. Well I want to make sure that I actually start growing before I go spending 150 bucks on a filter. This whole thing has caused a great deal of stress for me, and if for whatever reason i actually don't start growing, i'd feel slightly better knowing that i didn't spend another 150 bucks. I appreciate the advice, and i'll take it into consideration.

    on the topic of the tent though - are you guys saying that I can work with what I got? Just the one exhaust hole up top and seal off the other? And could I just leave one end of the cooled hood open or would I at least need to put a little bit of ducting up there?
  13. Yeah, your tent should be fine. Like Tihspeed said, just make sure you have ducting or something to act as a light trap.
  14. act as a light trap for what, for the intake? and can i leave the one end of my hood open if i don't get the carbon filter right away?

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