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So like, Does anyone know what happened to ya~hooka?

Discussion in 'General' started by 421der, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Seems another fine site dedicated to the liberation of the herb has seemingly bit the dust. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Guess test clear decided if was legal they'd be out of an industry.

  2. wtf??? I'm not a yahooka member but I lurk there sometimes, did you see the crap they put on this site? :mad:

    wtf is that?
  3. i think its down for maintenance.... no idea though?

  4. I don't see what's wrong with that quote? Seems out of context, but non-the-less legit.
  5. They might finally have pulled the plug ?????
  6. I lurked yahooka before i came here, i have no fucking clue why its down. Probably maintenance?
  7. think it was server trouble.........Peace out............Sid
  8. A router at ITG went down. ITG hosts Yahooka and TestClear. There is only a slight difference between their IP addresses. When ITG found a router down they worked to bring all their servers back online, but in the frenzy, a few errors got propogated through the system ... yahooka traffic was getting routed to the TestClear site. It really looked like the server was down initially ... but some futzing around revealed the server was alive and well and not a post misplaced. Just hiding behind the wrong address.

    You can thank BH for this information. He received it from a friend over at Yahooka.

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