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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by la vie demain, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. an outdoor grower had to hide his plants because his neighbor saw them, would putting them into a closet for 24-48 hours do any harm to them?
  2. yea its gonna fuck with the light cycle. maybe in a closet with some cfls on for 18 hours or so just so the plant doesnt think that the sun has disappeared for good
  3. dont do it.
    my neighbors saw my plants too
    fuck the neighbors. get a card and grow legally,
  4. sorry but im new to indoor growing what does cfl mean? regular fluorescent? would regular closet lights work? thats all i got.
  5. lets just say you should get rid of the plant
  6. i just moved it to a different location off the property, it will just receive less care... oh well :(
  7. What, is it in the jail cell with you? just kidding. Not the best thing for the plant, nor the best decision for your freedom.
  8. no im def. not in a jail cell, i moved it into a huge open field where its well hidden with pine trees at its height. it gets sun all day but its just been raining every fucking day this week, fml. and i went to check on it and its drooping, i guess its homesick :(
  9. awww, poor guy (well hopefully girl), I hope he/she gets less homesick and grows to be a monster.
  10. You mean the supposed outdoor grower moved it right? Good luck, stay safe.

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