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So Let's Have a Debate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EFS, May 29, 2009.

  1. So, lets debate, cause I need some think to keep me out of working right now. So, does anyone think that smoking pot will result in stupidity, or declining grades over time in school?

    I'd say no. I have a 4.0, smoking helps me get down to business and work on stuff when I absolutely don't feel like working. So, lets here someone else's opinion?
  2. Sure people will steadily get dumber and lazier. But its not the weed its the person themself who dont know how to handle their shit, theyre the kind of stoners that are high 24/7 and get high when they nkow themsleves they shouldnt be.

    Some people are just lazy as shit.
  3. I started smoking this semester and its the first time I've had a 4.0 since Freshman year.

  4. Wow, thats cool. What grade are you in now bro?
  5. I would certainly disagree with people who feel there is a deterioration in intelligence caused by smoking marijuana. I converted through this year from being someone who smoked maybe once a month to a much more regular smoker. I did not have any deterioration in grades at all. I had a great semester and a good year.

    The real problem I feel is people who forgo their responsibilities and get high instead of doing what they should; However that is not an issue with the weed itself but with the personality of the user. As I'm sure all of us have encountered, such atitude can also be the result of alcohol or many other things including playing video games.
  6. It depends. I've had it work both ways with me. When I can use smoking as a reward for doing work, I find that I'm a lot more motivated to get through everything I have to. But at the same time, sometimes I get in the habit of smoking too much and don't devote enough time to work. It's all about the person I'd say. If you find a good balance, smoking is a really good way to reward yourself for doing work and can probably improve your overall performance. But if your balance is off and you start letting smoking get in the way of your work and don't give enough attention and time to it, your performance will suffer.

    For me, I smoked sparingly in high school, but when I did it was always on the weekends as a way to relax and reward myself, and I did extremely well. I just finished my first year in college, and I had a bit too much fun and wound up smoking too much and studying too little. My grades were still good, but I know I could have done a lot better had I spent more time on work.

    Also, I never smoke and then do work. I can't concentrate and I find it really clouds my thinking.
  7. Well it depends... a few months ago when I was smoking everyday, multiple times a day, I got very lazy. I skipped class and stopped doing the homework and basically just became let smoking become my priority. Since then I have only been smpoking on the weekends after work and not during the week so it wont interfere with my school work. This seems to be working very well. So to answer your question, all in moderation. If you smoke all day everyday and that is your main focus then I think your quality of life will decline in every aspect, imo:confused_2:
  8. It can work for you and it can work against you, both have happened to me. Its all about where you let it take you
  9. Just graduated. :}
  10. For most people, smoking probably will cause their grades to drop. Not from smoking itself, remember correlation is NOT causation, but from other factors that are associated with smoking weed.

    My highschool GPA was 3.1 unweighted, 4.2 weighted. I started smoking everyday over the summer and into college. First semester i got a 4.0, second semester i got a 3.0.

    I think that second semester my grades dropped cause i would say fuck it and get drunk... not from weed.

    So thats my personal experience. Weed hasnt affected my grades. The day that weed starts to interfere with my life is the day i quit. I hope that day doesnt come, so ill work hard and not let it come.

    Just read what 420 High Times wrote, "its all about where you let it take you." This is exactly right. The weed wont cause your grades to drop, it might affect your motivation though. It's up to you as to what will ultimately happen.

  11. Lol yeah, alcohol fucks your shit more than weed imo. I think if you can't control your self everything can make your grades decline. Playing basketball can make your grades decline really.
  12. My grades weren't the best, neither was I good at writing essays. However when I write while high I can really use some descriptive language.

    I would say it helped with art class and English for me also musical classes.

    However I do think if people aren't able to control themselves then they will get more and more lazy.
  13. In excess it's bad, but not in moderation. And with kids/young teens, I believe it effects their brain development.
  14. My grades started to get better when I started smoking so you know where I stand.
  15. I got mediocre grades before smoking weed and I get mediocre grades now that I do smoke weed. :confused:

    Dude we should totally compile a list of people's GPA's before and after weed, do some statistical analysis, and then we can totally circumvent this debate. Hooray for math, taking the mystery out of everything.
  16. I disagree that being high all die will make you stupid. There have been days when I had to write long papers and I didn't have class that I woke up and smoked from morning until night all while writing my paper. It keeps me focused on things I need to do.

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