So last night I failed really badly

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  1. Long story short. Took this girl out who I used to be best friends with, got way too drunk and ended up having sex. But I was going for like a minute before she realised I had no condom on and then when I put the rubber on I just instantly went soft and everytime I put it on afterwards I could not maintain my erection. I feel awful about it now, like seriously pathetic. It's the first time it's happened in a long time but now I can't stop thinking about it and how disapointed she was. Fuck condoms, seriously.
  2. Its all good bro, I fucking hate rubbers too there either to tight and it hurts my dick or I lose it because lack of feeling. Dont feel bad just tell her you were drunk and couldnt even focus
  3. You guys were drunk, she will forgive ;)
  4. Just look at it this way, you left her wanting more

    She'll call you
  5. tell her that you want to make it up to her for lack of performance.

    say you want to take her out again and then you can make up for that lost time.

    or, tell her you think she should just get on the pill cuz then it would be so much better for both of you.
  6. Drunk + Condoms = no go for my dick either.

    I dont think its really a big deal. Its happened to me twice, i remember with one girl i thought it wasnt gonna get up, so i said, ''I dont want to rush anything..'' etc etc etc.

    Then like 15 minutes of discreetly playing with myself, i was good to go,

    ''Uh i changed my mind, lets rush things.''
  7. LOL drunkeness doesnt mix well with condoms at all.
  8. Yeah I've had a boner-killing condom experience. The worst night of my life as I recall. :rolleyes: Think I'm good to go now.
  9. whiskey dick sucks hella bad.. and it happens to me without the condoms how about that for a buzz kill.. haha i gotta be on that perfect drunk level..
  10. My bf can't use condoms.
    He goes soft instantaneously.
    It's bullshit.
    So I just take bc like it's my life line.

    He pulls out though...
    at least most of it is gone then.
  11. That's why you should fuck for a little while without it, and then put it on once you've reached the point where you know you're gonna cum but not right now. After that, you're not going limp.
  12. OP I don't mean to laugh.

    It happens to the best of us, bud.
  13. putting a rubber on usually softens me.

    next time, try getting a slightly bigger rubber. it will protect against any lite fluid leaks, then when you cum just pullout.

    or at least pull the tip of your randy johnson closer to the opening.
  14. Shoulda transitioned to the pooper
  15. I always get soft using a condom. I throw that thing on and its like an anaconda choking willy out
  16. Try Magnums XL, they work well and don't choke your dick.
  17. If you dont buy trojan magnum, your dudes probably going to get strangled
  18. You should have just continued fucking her man, I mean you were already not using a condom so it wouldn't have made a difference at all if you pulled out.
  19. Similar experience except it was a truck load of valium and a condom. After a few minutes i couldnt feel anything nd fucking lost it . Just pretended like i was stoppin to rub her up a bit :D Managed to get it back, but ye johnnys are shit . . .
  20. ya same shit happened to me this weekend cept it was with my gf so its not really that big of deal cuz she knows it was just a fluke

    but ya i am consedering starting to get magnums..fuck lil condoms..i never really thought i had a big dick though..but condoms are way to damn tight and i never get em down to the base so maybe its time i upgrade to bigger size lmao

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