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Discussion in 'General' started by TYRELHAHA, May 11, 2010.

  1. I want to go toke buy my mom hasnt left the house yet. dont sound like shes goin to
  2. take a walk and enjoy the day :)
  3. haha all i have to smoke out of is my incredibowl... or a one hitter but wouldnt that look sketchy walkin with the i420
  4. i know the feeling man, luckily most days everyone leaves my house at some point, but when they dont having to wait until nighttime to smoke is lame, at least if im stuck at my house all day
  5. You should get your own place. Move in w a few friends
  6. yeah thats true i want to get my own place but i really dont need to
  7. then you really dont need to be bitchin about living at home
  8. chill dude fuck
  9. just sayin, why should anyone give a fuck about your at-home problems if you're not even willing to move out. it's not like im having an anuerysm about it
  10. take a drive or a walk to the liquor store, buy some papers, roll one up, and go for a walk or a drive

    or buy a little one hitter piece
  11. i never said i wasnt willing to move out but it would be really dumb because my parents dont charge me rent or anything so its no big deal.. and you dnot have to give a fuck haha i dont care
  12. If your old enough you should be able to buy a dutch or papers. Roll up.
  13. haha yeah man i got some papers workin on my rollin..whats a dutch
  14. lolwut?

    And why can't YOU go out and smoke somewhere?
  15. haha the dude above me mentioned a dutch? and idk i get sketched out about smoking even infront of my house in my truck
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    Roll a joint and go for a walk..

  17. the world is a big fucking place my man. theyve had these new badass places for awhile now.... shit wat do you call em.......
    oh yeah parks:p

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