So ladies... Like your men better circumcised or natural?

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  1. Oh great, this thread again -.-
  2. Thats great, and awsome. Im attempting to get into the field. Some men dont though. Hygiene isnt number one for them I knew this dude who occassionally smelled like prawn cocktail. *puke* sorry if this it ott for anyone.
  3. That's cool, what you going for? I'm an RN, I'm head research coordinator in pharmaceutical testing. Anyways yea that's nasty. Any one who doesn't shower atleast once a day is nasty lol no offense to anyone.
  4. Im going into nursing, hopefully surgery field. Maybe do a doctarate degree and advance. Yeah I totally agree. Theres a few nasty people around tbh
  5. i dont get why this is such a huge thing in the US.

    theres no reason to do it, and anybody who claims sanitation is an idiot.
  6. For uncircumcised men hearing circumcised people talk about how great their dicks are is like listening to a group of people discuss how great life's been since cutting off the tips of their pinky, up to the first phalange.

    You're wondering at the logic that cutting off a body part is better but at the same time you're laughing because you're 100% whole.

    I know what that gooey crap is but it is nonexistent if you wash yourself. Same as dirt on your hands is nonexistent if you wash them.

    I haven't ever had a woman complain about the lack of circumcision to me but I doubt I would care much if they have something to say about it. Now if a woman wanted me to be circumcised I would do it with no problem, as long as she got circumcised as well.
  7. Ahh okay haha, Yeah that sounds weird...
  8. Doesn't matter. Females who say they don't like uncut or won't suck an uncut one just haven't dealt with one. It doesn't make any difference.
  9. This thread has been done at least 5 times and it always ends up the same: guys who are circumsized vs guys who are not in a pissing match over which is better.
  10. I'm really good at sex, but I have trouble climaxing in my girl. I usually have to finish by myself, although if I haven't nutted in like four days I might be able to. Uncirced btws
  11. If the guy is clean, I think I prefer uncircumsised. Such a misconception that it's gross because there's foreskin.. Maybe because I'm more used to it, but when I've been with someone without it and someone with it.. I still prefer with it. I'm fine with either though.
  12. Shit, this thread made me want to take a shower nd give my lil Richard a good scrubbin haha.
  13. Hahahahaha seriously
  14. There are some masturbatory techniques that can be employed by one who is uncircumcised that can't be performed by one who is 'cut'. I'm sure this can extend beyond simple masturbation too.

    I can see both reasons for women liking and disliking. One has somewhat of a cosmetic advantage (circumcised) while the other a practical advantage (uncircumcised). So really it comes down to personal preference.

    I'm happy that I'm not circumcised, but I wouldn't know any different.
  15. If it's natural, its owner must be a PhD of cleanliness. I prefer a clean, cut dick, and a shaven ball sack. Please and thank you.
  16. Uncircumsized. It's more pleasurable to me. It's hard when it comes to oral but it takes the pressure off when we have sex, if that makes any sense. Circumsized feels too rough for me. My bf has always been clean with his. I don't care much for the look, I think uncircumsized looks better to me because it's natural.
  17. I'd never want to lose sensitivity in my dick to make it look better. You're basically paying to make sex and blowjobs feel less enjoyable. Nice.
  18. Don't care.

    Cut or uncut, It'd better be clean.
  19. So many threads like this..... I don't give a shit about it, cut or natural.

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