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So ladies... Like your men better circumcised or natural?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DroMontesino, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So after having a long conversation this morning with some of my coworkers, some of the nurses were saying natural felt better. Others said uncircumcised was nasty and unsanitary. Another said her husband cums too quick because he's natural and sensitive. I happen to be natural and I love it. I can only remember one person to not like it growing up. Chick wouldn't blow me, but we still smashed. Lol. So ladies, thoughts please.
  2. D is D as long as its clean :D
    But I do prefer circumcised,I love the look of them. but uncircumcised is not a deal breaker. Idk about blowing an uncircumcised D though...maybe if he'd just gotten out of the shower (or we're still in there) I don't want to taste smegma :laughing:
  3. My man is uncircumcised.. It doesnt bother me.. He keeps his shit clean
    N so is my 9 month old son
  4. All men who are natural should keep it clean. It's a must to prevent infections etc. I don't plan on cutting my son either but my fiancée insists we do:-/ fuck that.
  5. Before my son was born we both insisted that he get cut..but here in cali u gotta pay almost 300$ out of pocket to do so..n since its unnecessary n we didnt have the extra money we just decided not to
  6. Blowing a natural one is the same (I'd think), and it should always be clean before head regardless of cut or natural. The head is the same, but I hear the stroke is different, easier natural with skin because it moves with the stroke. When circumcised it has to be went to stroke it, or it hurts. Just what I heard though, you tell me lol.
  7. Be glad you didn't. I'm an RN and I'm telling you there's more benefits in it being left alone than cut. Sure you can prevent infections easier when circumcised, but regular bathing does the same lol. And natural, has a lot more nerve endings, this being more sensitive.
  8. I'm cut and pretty happy about it. Uncut looks like an earthworm that tapered off in your shorts.
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    Why? Its pretty much just like a cut one if you have a boner, unless you have a chode. Sorry if anyone does, but hey, the small it is the bigger it grows!

    I dont understand girls like this, whether uncut or cut, us men take showers every day (i would hope), and one could argue that an uncut penis is cleaner, because the head is kept covered by our foreskin the whole day, after one takes a shower and cleaning it. Except for when one pulls it down to take a piss.
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    Idk I've been with the same uncircumcised partner for the last four years, I don't recall him ever saying it hurt when I strok it :laughing:
  11. I been wit mine for the last 2 years n it doesnt hurt him either lol
  12. Yea I wouldn't know lol
  13. I don't like a dry stroke, what guy would, idk lol. But a little vaginal secretion or saliva does the trick.
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    Like I said before D is D as long as its clean :D I've only had one sexual encounter with an uncircumcised penis, it was good (blowing him didn't come up) but my friend told me her boyfriend was uncircumcised and that when she went to blow him, the head was gooey and tasted funny.:confused_2: but if I'm ever with someone who is uncircumcised I'll have to blow him to find out for myself :)
  15. Gooey?? ill... Sounds like he forgot to pull the skin back to clean.

  16. Yeah that's what worries me....that is IMO the ONE and ONLY drawback to having an uncircumcised penis. But as long as its clean there is no problem:D
  17. circumsised men tend to have cleaner dick than the uncurcumsised unless hes a dirty cunt. Otherwise its all the same xD
  18. All hail queen of OGs lol;-) but yea, clean dick is a happy dick/chick lol.
  19. I see what your saying but I think that's on the guy. I work in the health care field so for me it's different. But I shower every morning, everyday after I get home from work, and then again before my bed time bowl.
  20. I dont get the point of circumcision, Im uncircum. and I just keep my foreskin peeled back all the time with no problems, same thing as being circum., but you still have foreskin.

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