So ladie blades,what makes YOU cum?

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  1. Now always wanting to expand my sexual knowledge,

    I would like to know any unusual tricks to get those legs shaking.

    Anything your man does you find yourself weak for?
  2. make sure every kiss is passionate

    master the tongue-to-clitoris interaction

    master the dick-to-g-spot interaction

    Pound it when she asks for it

    Pound it if she doesnt ask for it
  3. Hmm okay good start keep it cumin. Lulz
  4. Deep, meaningful thrusts.
    Authoritative voice, moans and gasps.
    Being handled roughly. Squeezed, slapped, pulled.
    Losing inhibitions and going at it like animals.
    Long slow strokes over the clit.
    Relentless finger banging.
    Doggystyle with spanking.
    Pressing hard against me with his whole weight.
    Holding my arms to my sides or behind my back.
    Commanding me to do what he wants.
  5. What about finger tricks,whut would b the best motion
  6. ^^long slow insertion with the rub.....

    alternating the deep soft kind of fuck with banging hard.....NOM
  7. Only if your 12^

    More advice u advice whores!
  8. diry talk.

    If you're comfortable and your dirty talk is on point, she will go crazy!
  9. call me
  10. i see what you did there..;)
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    What you did there, I see it.

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  12. I would have to say at first just grinding through the clothes, the take your nails and kind of scratch the inside of the thighs and lots boob grabbage. :)
  13. Rub her tail.
  14. Spanking, biting, hair pulling, choking, calling me a dirty slut, rubbing her dick against my clit and just slightly entering me.. omg..:p
  15. Did you mean to say HER dick?
  16. least no one said

  17. hair pulling, biting, giving it to me hard when i ask for it, fingering me hard...yess.
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    Rubbing 'her' dick????

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