So I've got this plant...

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  1. It's about 2 weeks old and has only grown about 2"-3" :( should I just lop it? oh ya and on a side note the leaves are starting to curl. >.< I'll try to get pics later.
  2. It might be OK. Need some more info. Soil or Hydro? Lighting? Leaves curling might mean overwatering.
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    I use Black Kow soil, I don't think that the lighting is the issue I use a 65w grow bulb and it's about 5" away from the plant whats hydro?


    Just watered it...

    This is also my first plant, kinda just a little project. Nothing special no humidifiers or anything like that, I do have a fan pointed at it though.
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    Well, assuming you added water to you're potting mix before planting appears you recently added a lot of water after that judging by the dry outsides of the soil top layer, and damp inside.

    Taking all that into consideration I would guess you put to much water in. Personally I would not water it again until the top layer of soil is about 75% dry looking, see if the plant perks up some in the process.

    About you're lighting, you will want at least another 35 watts on hand for when the plant gets a bit bigger. The general rule of thumb as I understand it is keep the light at least 2.5 inches from the plant, And far enough away that you could place you're hand under it for a prolonged period of time without any discomfort.

    I'm a noob, but i would at least follow that until someone more knowledgeable can respond to you're picture.
  5. yeah, dont water for at least 4 or 5 days from when that pic was taken....if you dont notice substantial growth within about 24 hours of that watering, then something is wrong...
  6. Thanks, when I took that pic I had just watered it... and whats your take on mist? I set one up but I don't think I should use it till the plant gets bigger.

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  7. Again...i'm a noob. But in my readings so far, I would agree don't use the mist until the plant is well on it's way, with perhaps a 4-5 tier structure. To be quite honest, I have only heard bad things about misting, it can cause alot of problems with you're foliage.

    I'm sure under the rite circumstances though, and knowing what you're doing it has it's perks.
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    Maybe I'll hold out on the mist for this crop. (I'll test it on some bagseeds when I get the chance)
  9. there isnt anything wrong with using a mist as long as u have at least 3 nodes, i spray spraay n grow on the bottoms of my girls, it produces 30% better grow and yield all the way around, not yet though, too early, u will burn it, the droplets will act as a magnify glass and cause burn spots that it cant handle yet. keep reading, not only this site, but elsewhere online as well and u will be amazed at the knowledge out there u can learn.
    stick your finger in the soil and 2" deep it should be dry brfore you water. good luck:hello:
    at least it isnt stretching. keep up the light situation, 2" at all times unles there is burning you will see it. it should be checked every day, no nutes untl transplant, if not transpl. then wait untill there are 2 or 3 sets of leaves, then only a mild nute, NO MIRACLE GROW! Then it will it show u how it feels, and slowly build nute amount after that.

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