So i've got an idea..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by skydog, May 7, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm lookin for some help from some pretty good outdoor growers here.. heres my plan:

    Since its the Global Marijuana March today, me and a few of my friends decided we are goin to plant a few bagseeds outside in a nice spot and see if they'll grow good haha.

    Not the best seeds... only bagseeds but they are brown and have some black dots on it, they look like a little older version of my seeds i bought from my head shop lol. SO, im wondering.. do you think i can just plant these things in normal soil?? i have this place to grow but the soil looks dry as hell lol, i used to have promix soil but i used it all up.. I have some nutrients though so i was thinking of maybe usin them on these 2 little seeds i have.. heres a pic of my nutes.


    what do you guys think, will it work? haha, i want any advice/outdoor growers experience.. thanks a lot! greatly appreciated.
  2. Good luck to you. Maybe you or someone will get an ounce.
  3. anyone know some answers to my questions?? this will be my first outdoor grow and im a little worried about the soil.. its quite dry. is this a big problem? will i just have to water them more??
  4. dig a big hole by your planting area, and pour in some nice potting soil. Mix it 3:1 with some perlite.
  5. okay i'll have to pickup some more of my promix then.. im still searching for a spot right now though.. little concerned about the spot i found

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