so ive been puttin coke in my bowls...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dvskidsec, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. and its making me tweak its the best high of my life ever for the past 2 days ive put a 50 bag in about 4 bowls and its beeen an amaizng high but i wanted to know if this is bad for me?
  2. I wouldn't really worry about it. You are a microwave away from being a crack addict, but so far you are fine.
  3. 50 sack on 4 bowls?

    they must have been snowballz, shit boy, don't do that aagain,
  4. nah your straight boy. keep on it playa
  5. is it bad for you? ..I don't know, is smoking coke addictive, causes serious health problems, and leads to mainlining? :confused:
  6. shhh... lets see if hes dumb enough to unknowingly become an addict and die.

    p.s. I'm not really heartless. the OP is just a troll:smoke:
  7. What a waste of coke. Cocaine salt vaporizes at a low temperature, so you're being really inefficient about smoking it.
  8. blow it dont smoke it is my opinion
  9. I feel like coke in general is kinda bad for you, but if you just mean putting it in your bowls, I can't imagine it's any worse for you than blowing it would be.

  10. Well you are vaporizing all those chemicals or powders they cut it with...
  11. precisely, I know just the guy who will cook it up and show you how to smoke it. c'mon man, your about to experience a high you'll never forget:rolleyes:(I wish I was lying, but my exroommate knew how to cook up cocaine. :eek:
  12. i hate smokin coke, my heart always starts beating REAL fast

    but no, smoking blow isn't good for your lungs at all

  13. Love the avatar, check my name :)
  14. If you're not snorting it then freebase it.

    Smoking it on bowls is inefficient and silly, why spend that money if you're not going to put that shit in your nose.

  15. I clicked on this thread seeing you posted last in hopes of a sadistic and hilarious comment. To my suprise I am sadly dissapointed in you.:D
  16. Your smoking that chewy, keep at it. Your fine.
  17. wouldnt your weed get wet?
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