So I've been on speed for awhile..

Discussion in 'General' started by DoblazE, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. ..and I'm coming down and feel hungry as fuck since I haven't ate since yesterday around 12:54PM. But the catch is.. I have no appetite!

    Any good suggestions?
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    P.S. Today is the only day I've been dry on Cannabis too in 2 years when smoking.. So I totally can't smoke to help. :(
  2. damn smoking would've been my first suggestion haha
    sucks you're dry but

    Try eating some candy or snack foods like chips and see if you feel more like eating..

    thats what I usually do when I'm coming off coke.
    and it works but I'm usually high too so I can't help you there.
  3. watch the food network :p

  4. Ugh, not me at all.

    On all me E/Speed binge's i always eat Fruit after, like watermelon/oranges/ soft stuff.
    It replensihes fluids and has vitamins.
    And there soft.
    You might not feel like eating but youll feeeel SOOOOOO much better if you do.
  5. go get a smoothie with protein powder in it.
  6. I've never been on speed before so I apoligize if my advice doesn't help all that much, but i'll do what I can!

    Try cooking up your absolute favorite food, whatever that may be. If your fav food is a little too heavy (Like a pasta or something greasy), maybe try just eating some soup. Soup really doesn't fill you up all that much, plus its easy to get down. Your body is needing nutrients man, and I think that'd be a good way to get some in.

    Finally, try drinking some Gatorade or some Life Water. Probley not a bad idea to get as many vitamins in you as possible.
  7. I usually just fight my way through a sandwich - it sucks and you chew each bite for like 5 minutes but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
  8. around 12:54....roughly. haha

    On a serious note, get a gyro. Cut it into smaller pieces. Put it on a plate, plate on a placemat, placemat on a table, table on the ground ect.

    Make a bib out of your napkin, go to your local international food store and buy some orangina to drink. Also be sure to use a fork and knife.

    Its gonna be soooooo goooooood.
  9. i think a smoothie is your best bet, like someone else here said

    that or just getting some food and hoping that when you see/smell/taste it your appetite will come back
  10. eat a salad

    then have a stoge and get some pizza

    or just not do hella speed and get weed instead!
  11. I ate like 2-3 pieces of celery with vegetable dip, kind of gagged I don't know why. Now I made a bowl of Frosted Flakes and litterly each bite takes like 1-2 minutes just to finish chewing it and swallowing lol. Drank half a glass of milk and drinking a full glass of AZ Green Tea. I'll update how I feel after this shiiit.

    Thanks for all the help blades! <3
  12. get a fuckin smoothie *****
  13. God.. I LOVE YOU!
    I'm too lazy to jump in my truck to get one. :D
    + rep (actually, nvm.. "I need to spread it around" first what bullshit.)
  14. I just take little bites over an hour or so, eventully you'll get through some food...Don't try to push yourself, you'll be fine if you don't eat for a few days, but you do want to try to at least eat a little bit of crackers or something small like that...
  15. Well, I do feel better than before. I'm going to chow on something else in a bit like waht kinetic being said, seem's like a smart idea.
  16. Banana's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  17. SMOOOTHIE!!!! lol... KEEP IT IN MIND FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. it takes no effort to chew, its cool, its sweet and delicious, and not filling
  18. Drink plenty of water, man. Otherwise anything you try to eat'll turn to paste in your mouth and be REAL hard to swallow.

    I'd run to the gas station and buy a slurpee or somethin'. Just drink plenty of fluids until you feel like you can eat somethin'.
  19. I found a medium-small bowl worth of vape resin and some dank shake stuck in little baggies! :hello::smoke::hello: Will update in 5-10 minutes!
  20. Double post, I know I know..

    Cannabis you did it again.. :smoke:

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