so i've been going to group therapy...

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  1. so i started going to group therapy today. interesting. i mean, when i was in the hospital i was going to group but not like this. it's outpatient group therapy. and since when i went to the hospital, i got drug tested...and of course i tested positive for mary jane. but what i didnt know was how they were going to put me in a group therapy session for substance abuse...WTF i HATE the system. AND i'm going to be screened!!:mad: i'm so pissed off right now. they even showed this movie trying to say how someone died from marijuana. wtf right?

  2. It's just a step most pothead's take, keep ya head up kidd!
  3. damn that sucks! i would be pissed as hell too. just take this a laughing experience and tell us all the other shit they had to say that was like "wtf?!" -- sucks you have to endure that kind of shit though.
  4. u should act like a crazed junkie who will do just about anything to get a dime bag of mids. exaggerate everything, satirically, to show how ridiculous it is that they've sent you to this for smoking pot... christ
  5. Someone died from smoking pot? Right..........

    Thats some bullshit.

    Screened? Routinely?

    What happens if[when] you fail more drug tests?
  6. if it was me I'd attend the meetings on time, listen politely, and when they asked if I now believed that marijuana use was dangerous I'd tell them "no I think all your propaganda is bull shit"
  7. Well thats not cool! I've been in inpatient/out patients so many of them, they ALL SUCK. Just don't give in to what they have to say because its all bs anyways... I was a pothead who did a lil coke back in the day, when I was with raging crazy meth addicts, heroine addicts, speed addicts, gangbangers, you name it they were there with me. It was an experience, but I knew I shouldn't have been around those crazy fuckers, they were even sneaking IN DRUGS!!!! But never give up, maybe just take this as a little tolerance break? Than when your done, SMOKE TOKE TOKE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEFORE!!! THATS WHAT I DID!!! I SMOKED 1 lil bowl (I HAD A 1/4 of DANK) and was SOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOO CHOPPED AND SCREWED UP! IT WAS LIKE THE FIRST TIMES! DON'T GIVE UP WHAT'S RIGHT! :D
  8. Ouch that sucks!!

  9. Yeah same. Act courteous, and then when it's time for your opinion, sock it to 'em!
  10. Ya thats a good idea, tell them how you feel (the truth), if they have some other bs to say just cover your ears lol!
  11. yea i was such a cocky bastard when i had to do that shit like 4 years ago....everytime they said something wrong about pot, id counter with the truth, they were not happy at all with me, but i was right and deep down they knew it, i was satisfied.
  12. that rehab must suck fucking dick... the rehabs i've gone too were at least realistic about the danger of weed

    haha i remember the counselor was sayin how weed is so much more potent than it was back in the day and i said

    "well ok, that just means its less harmful to your health, cuz you have to inhale less smoke to get the same effect"

    left him speechless haha
  13. when i dislocated my elbow a couple years back i went to the hospitle to get it put back in, they asked if i had to pee and i did it in a medical bottle and the put it to the side. after i woke up from having it relocated asked them what they would do with the pee, they told me they were gonna test it to see what was in my system to see if anything could of been the cause of it. I told them to fuck off because i broke it snowboarding and took my piss with me when i left, i just did it so my insurance wouldnt go up...dam im glad i took it with me now!

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