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So I've been dry the past few days

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Raiden420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. when ever I run out and I don't smoke for awhile I have no appetite at all. The past 3 days I've barely been able to eat anything, I hate this. Does this ever happen to any of you guys when you havent smoked lately? a major loss of appetite?
  2. I've never expereienced that. I've been dry for the past few days and it sucks, but I can still eat lol. I guess I'm not a hardcore smoker yet.
  3. I usually take 3 bong tokes a day, then lots more on the weekends. I'm use to always smoking before I eat.
  4. To be honest with you I never have gone dry.
    But I have taken THC breaks, and I did have a loss of appetite, and a harder time sleeping.
  5. hecks yea, that sucks big time.. i took a flight down to mexico for christmas and I could'nt even get my grub on because the hunger was missing, too used to toking all day and then just stopping was a killer on my appetite too.. finally got my hands on some smoke, and jus chief'd and ate fine after.
  6. yeah everytime i try to do a t-break i lose my appetite. mostly because i stuff myself when i get the munchies. after a few days it should go away. just force yourself to eat somethin. yeah it sucks but it will go away
  7. Your from Cali and your dry?!

    Anyways, I don't know about people w/o disorders, but with Chrones, I cannot eat w/o smoking. I have no appetite whatsoever at all.
  8. After a few month of heavy smoking I had to slow down and im down to once a day now
    I rarely really feel like eating without being high
    I know i wanna eat but the appetite just isnt there:confused:
    Its tough to get through

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