So Its Depicted In Movies Icyhot And Genitalia Dont Mix Right?...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by VoicelessPanda, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Okay so wasn't high but crazy story 😲
    So at my Gmas house don't have lotion to jack it late night (dry rubbers fuck off) and had Icyhot bedside from a recovering sore area at the time and said "can't be as bad as movies make it seem"
    Started to go up and down slowly and it was so cold and dope af, but Jesus fucking Christ I realize more and more friction makes it heat up, and not cool down
    Too far in with too much friction added my cock was on fireeeeeee!
    Ran to the sink man tearing throwin water on my schlong, shit ran down to my balls and taint and started burning the fuck out of it too!!!!
    Tried rubbing it all off with a towel and that spread it even more so I had to sit there 20 more minutes waiting for it to dilute, worst shit ever man please no one ever do that!!!
  2. I put that polar ice shit or whatever its called on my Dick once and I've never been in so much pain, it was also on my balls so it felt like my balls were literally being killed

  3. Why the fuck would you do that?

    I once put vicks vaporrub on my ballsack and started to masturbate for like a second untill I hopped in the shower lol.never again.
  4. All i could think when reading this was WTF is Icyhot?? :laughing: I can't believe you actually did it! didn't you learn anything from movies and videos?
  5. I once got high and put some icey hot on my back and i have to sometimes readjust my balls because i sit weird, so i did that and it was just the weirdest feeling till i noticed my balls were on fire.
    Omg, water didn't even help, but then i realized how weird it would look me sitting in the sink with my balls under the water. 
  6. Yeah I was applying some to my inner leg due to sports injury and I got some on my balls. Holy damn, they were on fie, one of the worst pains I've felt
  7. Lol my friend did that once because he didn't even know... I just can't figure out why anyone would try, shit hurts
  8. I now know if anyone ever really wrongs me i'm going to find them, chloroform his ass, then slather IcyHot from butthole to dick tip then wake him up and enjoy.
  9. You sir are an evil genius, SiriusWolff
  10. Icyhot worked wonders on my thighs when I was playing football...get that thigh rash and you have to walk like you got plowed in the ass. Icyhot was amazing..
  11. Thats what thoses fire and ice condoms felt like


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