So it's December 21 2012 and were all still here...

Discussion in 'General' started by Hiiiibbbb, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Anyone die yet?
  2. Only 11:35 here in cali
  3. It's already almost 9:00 PM in New Zealand. In 3 1/2 hours it'll be 12/22
  4. I'm still breathin love ya'll stay up
  5. Cause the Mayans use NZ's time zone right? Lol
  6. Not sure of the status of my area. The sky is very dark, and I can vaguely see what looks like pockets of smoke up there. Perhaps it's drifting smoke from explosions in the distance or it's some radiation. I'm not checking.

    Electricity surprisingly is still on for my area at the moment. I'd love to check out the news (assuming it's still running), but my television is stuck on Video 1 and I don't know where my remote is to change it. Probably for the best

  7. So we're going by Mayan time? That's like central time most likely

    This is funny

    LIVE UPDATES: The End of World, Dec. 21, 2012 - ABC News

    "New York, U.S. (midnight; 12:00 a.m. ET; GMT -5): From the ABC News newsroom in New York City, we can confirm the world here has not ended."
  8. Power's out. Went out around ten minutes ago. There's also a blizzard outside.
  9. I died a little inside yes, are you happy now?
  10. Holy shit 1250 degrees? Lmao. I would of laughed hard if they had a forecast for Saturday.
  11. I'm gonna commit suicide because of how many threads there's gonna be made about this.
  12. What if we all wake up dead tomorrow? Everyone making jokes is gonna look real stupid.

  13. If we died, we wouldn't wake up.
  14. Holy fucking shit guys!
    I was outside smoking my last bowl when I heard an incredibly loud boom of thunder and there was lightning that struck the ground causing tremors that made cracks in the ground!
    Then demons, dirty hagraven like creatures swooping down with a terrible war cry.
    So I pulled out my .45 and chambered it and began shootig the demons, I injured 1 and killed the other....
    I then ran inside to eat this amazing turkey sandwich and chocolate cookies and report what just happened to me.

    Get fucking ready shits about to go down big time
  16. I was hoping the world would end exactly when I came. Best orgasm evar

  17. bro did you get close to bustin enough nuts to break the record?

  18. I came twice, what a disapointment.
  19. Omg shit is really going down now I can't believe this ill miss u guys

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