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So its been 4 years...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TonyStarks423, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Just got out of the military last week and haven't smoked in 4yrs but I was a wake and baker prior to joining, now all my connects have fallen of the face of the earth and I have to start from square one...I don't I know a soul in little rock, where to begin??
  2. no speakeh copeh pigeh oinkeh
  3. [quote name='"SmokeyH"']no speakeh copeh pigeh oinkeh[/quote]

    Lmao byitch I'm not a cop. I'm not stupid enough to expect someone to put a connect out over the Internet smh
  4. Damn, that does sound kinda cop-esque tho lol
  5. seriously though, no asking for hookups on the site
  6. It's all good homie, found one earlier today...just wondering what ppl would do had they found themselves in my shoes...PLEASE NO NAME DROPPING, I'm not trying to get anyone himmed up out here.
  7. Haha I was in the same position as you about a month ago. Just finished a four year tour with the Marines. All my friends were waiting for me to get out though so I was hooked up.
  8. If I was going back to VA I'd be set, but my wife works out here so we decided to stay, eh, sad thing is I used to see ppl burning in their cars while I'm driving down the road or at a gas station so it's only a matter of time before I run into somebody
  9. Typical advice given on grasscity:

    - Go to bars/clubs and look for "sketch/shady" people and ask if they know where to get some "green", dont specifically state "weed/mj".

    - Go to a local area thats known to be the "nightlife" section/district of your town and ask around there...

    - Not recommended: stalk outside headshops and ask customers (with a smile, dont look like a shady cop)
  10. dont ask me cause idk shit
  11. [quote name='"All4Weed"']dont ask me cause idk shit[/quote]

    Lol that's what trips me out cuz I would be the same way! Like "bitch I dont know shit about tree gtfoh" knowin I just blazed this morning. I wouldn't tell a total stranger a damn thing
  12. Hey big ups for your service man, I'm getting sent off to air force in a few months so I'm trying to smoke as much as I can
  13. [quote name='"goldenkiwi"']Hey big ups for your service man, I'm getting sent off to air force in a few months so I'm trying to smoke as much as I can[/quote]

    Def do that, really though don't play around with any drugs/alcohol if ur underaged, that shit will get u kicked out faster than u know, they'll drug test you once before u go, but don't think it's all goo after that, they drug test u again a week after u get to boot camp ( they don't tell u about this one) and if u piss dirty ur fucked basically
  14. it does suck having to find a connect. i got lucky and a good customer of mine uses it and we became friends. so i got his hook-up.

    if someone asked me for weed i'd act like i don't know what he is talking about. not enough money in it for me to ever risk it.
  15. Exactly, I wouldn't say a damn thing! Luckily one of my favorite connects just popped up, got his number from his brother on Facebook lol soon as I called em he was like "so u survived uncle Sam ay, I know exactly what u lookin for" man (Denzel voice)

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