So, it's 37 degrees right now.

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. And I'm fucking freezing. God damn, I had to walk home too. Hell, it could fuckin almost snow but it would melt because it still gets in the 70s during the day. So, GC is it just Wisconsin or is it fucking cold everywhere in the states right now?
  2. Damn, it's about 52 degrees around my way. I love it, bring on the cold!!!
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    I sprinted home because I was so cold haha. Running sure helps warm you up.
  4. It sure does, but jeeze, 30 something degrees? I hope you guys have some heat in th e house over here!
  5. Nope, like I said it still gets pretty warm. Must be some northern winds.
  6. :laughing: 44 here homie. and raining.

    i kinda like it though... my A/Cs been broken for like 3 months and being cold is wayyyy better than bein hot. i can put more layers on if i'm cold. if i'm too hot i can only get naked. but sometimes without the A/C it gets so hot i wish i could peel my skin and muscle off and just be bones.
  7. Psh, drive up to Miltown and you'll be freezing. Burrr. I think I'll turn the heat on, fuck the bill haha.
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    That's what I'm saying. It's so much easier to get relief from the cold than the hot. There's only so much you can do to get cool in 90 degree weather.
  9. I'm in Indiana, its not too bad right now, but I used to live in Wyoming and it would seriously get to negative 30. This was back when I was like in 1st and 2nd grade. We'd go out for recess in 15 degree weather, but never single digits lol
  10. 61 here and it's 1:36 a.m. There is a cold front headed our way. I'm not looking forward to it.
  11. that IS cold for new mexico
  12. @Nathan
    Yo Wisconsin.....over along the river, on western side of WI, and it isn't quite 37 here, more like low 42...Miltown is along a big ol lake right?:p always makes it colder all the water and the breezes

    it is freakin chilly tho, i refuse to put on heat yet.....made a lil fire in the fireplace tonite instead....doin a little roasted marshmellows with my buzz
    it's nice :smoke:
  13. It was 102 today I think? It's like living in hell.:(
  14. holy shit. i feel your pain. well.. not right now. but i have before. and not even the water was cold :(
  15. It was 108 the other day in Long beach. Worst shit ever.
  16. I live on the northwestern plateau. The elevation is 5300 ft. We get a lot of snow in the winter and the temps get below zero.

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