So itchy all the time

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  1. I itch everywhere, but only when I don't take allergy meds. I went to my doctor and he pretty much told me he has no clue what it was and he told me to just keep eatting these allergy pills. So I come here to the GC community, anybody have some ideas for what I could do to stop this? Or does anyone else have this problem?
  2. benadryl you should always have on hand, it can save a life.
    loratadine is about the best you can get.
  3. Sounds like you have allergies
  4. I really want to find a way to stop this that doesn't involve more meds
  5. Got an allergy test, not allergic to a single thing.
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    benadryl can be found in a dollar store 100 25MG for a buck. Buy 5 or more. It can save a dogs life if he gets stung by a bee, helps humans too.
    loratadine is a bit more expensive but works. sold over the counter also known as claratin but the generic is cheaper.
    I have allergies that are evil I thing im allergic to everything. I will eat pills the rest of my life. no choice, no cure.
  7. Well, it really sucks considering I have gotten allergy tests and I don't have any allergies but I guess ill just keep taking the meds even though I just feel like it is unneeded. Well, until I start itching and my skin gets red and bumpy its not hives but just small bumps like goosebumps
  8. You must be allergic to some crazy shit then.
    Maybe it's something in your house
  9. I have no clue. Might just invest in a sterile bubble and travel the world in it haha
  10. benedryl is the best. or histamine blockers but try benedryl first.
  11. Take benedryl on the daily man
  12. Scabies would be a good band name.
  13. Maybe you're allergic to the flouride in your drinking water.

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  14. Actually my doctor looked into scabies and it's not that. He seemed relatively stumped. He mentioned going to a specialist but I don't have funds for that
  15. This would actually seem to make sense. Im gonna look into this because it does always seem to get worse after showers
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    Can you get another opinion?
    Ignore, just saw your post about lack of funds.  Sorry man.
  17. Well my doctor recommended seeing a specialist but thats really expensive and I don't have that money right now
  18. You might just have chronically dry skin... i moisturize with gold bond's ultimate. Usually does the trick.

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    Is it skin deep, or do you feel like the itching is under the skin? And is it only on your torso? Arms? Face?

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