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So... It looks like no more weed for me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Motza, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. #1 Motza, Aug 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2009
    So at the beginning of the summer I had 4 seperate dealers. At the end of the summer I only had 2. One tried to run off with me and my friend's cash ($80) so we rolled up to his house with 4 other people and he gladly gave us a nice 4 grams of some real legit dank. (Was originally supposed to be a quarter of mids that we later found out he didnt even have) That was the last we ever saw of him. Another, we suspect died since he wasn't replying to our texts... and when we called him it said his phone was disconnected.

    Now in the past 3 weeks the 2 other dealers have simply flaked. Didn't reply to my texts for some time, and when they did they claimed to be dry and said they'd hit me when they were good. That was roughly 17-22 days ago.

    So... Being forced into almost a month long t-break, I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to smoke again. I really don't know anyone else who I can find a connect through. I'm beginning to think it may be time to just give up trying to smoke. At least until I go back to a university in January.

    But shit, I really don't want to quit... I make about 200 bucks a week part time and I'm more than willing to spend it all on weed. But nobody seems to want my money.

    Soo GC... it looks like I'll soon be getting my weed-virginity back.
  2. Just gotta network dude, Its around. I didnt want to hear it but yanno what, 20 days later, Ive got a dank connect:):smoke:
  3. Yeah... I'm not too keen on the idea of just asking random people if they know where to get weed, but that may be what has to happen. I'm not really tight enough with anyone in my classes or at my job though. I'm half tempted to load up with 5 10 dollar bills and just roam the streets. haha
  4. 4gs for $80? that hurts
  5. Just wait man...I been dry for almost 6 weeks, but I'm going back to school and it'll be fine there hopefully.
  6. Word. If you've already bust into his house you should've at least made him lose money after trying to rip you guys. I would've been like "drop the scale, we're taking the whole bag".
  7. 4g for 80 is normal around here.
  8. I cant believe its that hard to find around there.
  9. just find somebody in ur school who you know tokes and ask if they can hook u up

  10. Go to and click on your city you can use this until you find a connect. Just use street dealers and then just let yourself get a dankness connect man it will all work out don't fret and be optimistic, it's all good doggy. I mean, ya, being dry sucks but you'll get over it. You'll be AAAALLLLLL goooooodddddd man. Don't worry 'bout a thing. :cool:

  11. Word up ^^^ would've dropped that muh fuckah REAL hard.
  12. To the OP,

    you sound ridiculous, man. So you can't find some bud. One time I was out for so long I swear it was like a weed drought in my area. NOBODY had weed, and trust me, they weren't being selfish.

    My advice is to be as patient as possible. If you're optimistic like me you will be rewarded with lots of weed!
  13. Yeah man, if you want to find weed you're going to have to network, there's no doubt about it. You say you're not close with anyone from your classes, or from your work, well...get close to them. People will help you out, man. Throw yourself out there.
  14. damn. if i had to roll up in someones house with 4 other people for 80 bucks of bud i would have gotten AT LEAST $120 worth of bud. that guy needs to get set straight
  15. epic line +rep
  16. you must be a loser, cause winners never quit
  17. ^^ what he said lol. and you cant lose your weed virginity again man, thats like actual virginity, once its gone its gone

  18. word.
  19. Move to California. You'll never want for weed again. :smoke:

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