So is this close to an acid trip?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by fuzzyl0g1c, Aug 9, 2008.

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  2. they did a pretty good job at the mirror effect imo, but it can get wayyy crazier than that.
  3. That was freaky as fuck
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    from my experience acid doesnt make hallucinations from nothing.
    simply allows you to focus on tiny details unnoticed sober.

    this video is scary as fuck. sober or not. but in no way is that acid imo.

    edit: lsd is alot more mental alterations than visual imo.
  5. In my experience with hallucinaginics it is more like your imagination at work, more to do with what is inside your head then anything.
  6. i dont quite agree with that

    ive actually had visuals like this video while looking in the mirror
    granted they werent as spectacular as when his face changes into like a zombie thing and shit
    but i saw my face melting and shit
    and i only had three hits
    so i def imagine that if someone had taken like 5+ hits then they would def have visuals like this
    and im sure the purity of the acid would help with how it effects you too
  7. Looks like E.T. on acid.

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