So is there such a thing as thin, strong glass?

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  1. So im really stoned right now and surfing gc obviously so sorry if this doesnt make any sense. But I was looking at a thread about whats better, thick shittily made glass? or thin finely crafted glass? I think it depends on if the blower can make the thin glass as strong as the thick glass. But witch ones better? I guess that depends on the stoner. But personally I think thin strong glass is the way to go. What do you guys think?
    Many thanks, CP!:smoke:
  2. Im not extremely knowledgeable on glass, but I do know a little bit, and I think that 'thin,strong glass' is an oxymoron. Glass gets its strength from its thickness, so the thicker the stronger.. and vise-versa, the thinner the weaker..
  3. until you drop it. i dont even know if glass could be durable and thin at the same time but i also dont know much about glass
  4. When I think of strong glass I think of Sobe bottles...So yeah I'd say thicker is better just ask women ;)
  5. Different kinds of glass has different strengths. For example pyrex is a fairly strong kind of glass. Also, anything poorly made is more likely to break, whether its glass, a tv, or anything else we buy. For strong glass you want quality glass, from a good blower thats nice and thick.
  6. this,

    Thin, strong glass is not an oxymoron. You can have cheap glass that's thick but weaker than some thinner, Pyrex glass.
  7. I defiantly think that the thicker the more durable. Sure pieces that are thin may cost more because their from a known blower, but it dosent make it any stronger.
  8. youre just stoned

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