So is the glorious leader dead?

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  1. Think North Korea has had enough of those loonies and done away with him.

    He hasn't been in public in a month
  2. He was pictured out and about with a walking stick in the last few days...

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made his first public appearance since 3 September, the country's official news agency says.

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  3. Oh well shame he's still around.
  4. Lol last article I read on him was that he was gaining a shit ton of wait because of a newfound obsession with Swiss cheese lol

    So he's getting super fat and unhealthy.
  5. You can just picture the fat cunt sitting there stuffing his face, as his wee minions ran around after him in fear of thier life's lol

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  7. Man NK's leaders are great. His father was wierd enough looking to put in a circus freak show.
    Great NatGeo special where Lisa Ling goes in undercover...what a strange group of people. Almost like some bizarre universe they inhabit.
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    lol, you guys will believe anything the Western media says about the DPRK. Quit reading those tabloids.
  9. Oh ya let me go find some reliable information on the DPRK..

    Oh wait..

    There is none. :rolleyes:
    You say that and yet you are eager to regurgitate false information by those with a vested interest in destroying a sovereign nation.
    The DPRK isn't some elusive mystery nation that exists in a vacuum from the rest of the world.
  11. If north Korea wasnt fucked up, we would see a lot of north Koreans on these social networking sites, online gamed, TV, and.everything in general.

    But we only see south Koreans.

    The few north Koreans I have met confirm his bad north Korea is

    hey man. ba-a-a-ack off. I can be a sheep all I want!
    It's true that there are heavy internet regulations in the DPRK but is it really honest to take that to mean the country is "fucked up"? In the DPRK the basic needs of the people (shelter, food, healthcare) are afforded them; homelessness and unemployment have been effectively eliminated and here in the U.S. it's on an upswing.
    Be wary of anyone claiming to be North Korean. There's actual money to be made by people claiming to be defectors and selling their "stories" to South Korean tabloids.
  13. It's a hell hole lol
    There a documentary on Netflix

    The soldiers kill for fun, life means jack shit in that place.

    Felt really sorry for the cunts.

    For anyone saying it's all lies feel free to go live there :)
  14. Idk where the fuck you get your info from or who pulled the wool over your eyes on this one but your saying that cause they have "Shelter, food, Healthcare"...

    They have far to many trade embargoa on them to have top of the line medical equipment more than likely (speculation) just like their army their probably using old soviet technology.

    Shelter.. Sure. I guess living in shanty towns (VICE Documentary shows general living situation) they live in squalor. They really do.

    And the government of the DPRK has asked for international assistance with food almost every year for two decades. MILLIONS of people have died in the DPRK from starvation and lack of basic amenities.

    The fact your trying to call it mostly exaggerated and fake is.. Deplorable. It's just pissing on the lives of those who have died in that shit hole over the last 60years
  15. If North Korea was such a great place they wouldnt build fake towns and classrooms. The place is terrible and the people are brainwashed. I just hold out hope they let us ride their unicorns.
  16. Do you think if he dies things will change or some new baby dick will pick up where he left off?
    are you saying that kim jong does not enjoy swiss cheese?
  18. NK leaders are Gods or clise to it in their minds so if he dued suddenly theyd just say something silly like he went to rule in heaven next to God but he fathered a child without havibg sex before he left.
  19. Where did you get that crazieness from? Last time I checked starvation was a pretty big problem in NK.

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  20. He dines on cheese while The people eat dirt.
    Yea sounds a right fucking barrel of laughs that place

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