so is planet skunk officially a ripp?

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    ordered seeds about a month ago after having good service a bit over a year ago.
    i thought about a week ago that it didnt take half this long to arrive last time so i logged onto planet skunk and saw that my order was still pending?!

    the money was transfered right after the order and i emailed Damon Hanson the receipt and what not just to be safe and make the process easier.

    but still nothing had been done on planet skunks end for 3 weeks apart from taking my money.:mad:

    iv emailed asking whether this is just a failure to update the order and the seeds have been sent but to no reply.

    so it looks like i wont be getting my seeds this time round since my order cant even make it through the processing stage.

    after googling it iv seen that the past few months alot of people especially in Australia have been experiencing the same thing with orders staying pending and never moving past that point.

    any aussies had any luck with attitude recently??

    i guess ill take my buisness there :bongin:

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